Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Sight Seldom Seen

We're typically blessed with low humidity here on The High Plains O' New Mexico, most often in the single digit range.  But not today, Gentle Reader.  Witness:

That would be our cool, cool glass o' Samuel Adams Summer Ale (life size!), graced with a substantial amount o' condensation.  We have condensation because our humidity is hovering just below 50%... a direct result of the two hours of steady gentle rain we experienced late last night... which left Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park with oodles of puddles, the likes o' which we haven't seen in quite some time.  And we're lovin' it, of course.

That said, we took our first round this afternoon in the shade of El Casa Móvil de Pennington's awning but have since elected to return indoors to cool air-conditioned splendor, now that the heat o' the day is upon us.  Some of you may laugh but 85 degrees and 50% relative humidity has a wearing effect on my poor ol' body.  We are admittedly soft in our Old Age but it is what it is, no?


  1. It is humid here in Houston too - not to mention hot. But it has been worse, so I'm not complaining.

  2. Up in Detroit they'd call that low humidity. We're currently at 96 degrees with 15% and not a cloud to be seen.

  3. Did you wash the Green Hornet to bring this on?

  4. Lou: Houston is always humid, ain't it?

    Skip: I hear THAT. Summers in Dee-troit can be miserable affairs.

    marc: No, but TGH did get a good rinsing from the rain... ;-)

  5. Hey, thanks Buck for reminding me that water does still ball up, and fall out of the sky occasionally.

    108 today...109 forecast tomorrow. Total August precipitation in Shreveport: 0.00 in.

    Last rain was July 17 (I think that's what weather guy said), and was a whopping "trace." The last rain of over an inch was back sometime in April.

    Something's gotta give.

    Glad y'all got some. I know it was welcome.

  6. Andy: I'm still lighting incense for all y'all.

    Moogie: Heh.

  7. Buck, you da man!

    Put another stick on the fire.


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