Monday, August 22, 2011

I Just Got Off the Phone...

... with Flo.  We had a short and VERY pleasing conversation, at least as far as I'm concerned.  Which went something like this:
Flo:  How can I help you today, Mr. Pennington?
Me:  I need to cancel my policy, please.
Flo:  Oh, I'm sorry to hear that... may I ask why you're cancelling?
Me:  Because you wouldn't give me your preferential rate due to bogus "bad credit" information.  I'm with USAA now.
And that was pretty much that, except for minor details.  USAA is charging me MUCH less than half the amount Progressive was bending me over for.  I smiled broadly throughout the entire conversation.

::Chirpy Flo voice:: 
::/Chirpy Flo voice::


  1. USAA is charging me MUCH less than half the amount Progressive was bending me over for. Bravo! I had to do much the same thing when I moved into the city. They charged me $600.00 more and I was commuting 1/2 the distance to work. And so, I called BULL****! Different carrier, lower rate.

  2. I never have had a particular use for that word, progressive. I mean it kinda sorta connotes social engineering to me. Interesting that a for profit outfit would choose it for a name.

  3. MY WIFE absolutely HATES her. I'm not sure why. I think she's sort of cute.

    Hmmmmmmm. Maybe that's why.

  4. Progressive insurance IS a "progressive" company, they fund all kinds of liberal groups. The owner and founder named it progressive because of his leftist leanings. They believe in redistribution of wealth, as Buck was victim of. Of course, that redistribution of wealth doesn't apply to the owners, after all they have the "correct" political view, so it's the other side of the aisle that should have their wealth redistributed.

  5. Deb: Yup. Dontcha LOVE the free market?

    Ivan: What Anon said.

    Jim: I think Flo is cute, too. I have issues with her employer, tho. Well, I HAD issues...

    Anon: All that you say is true, but in their defense... they treated me VERY well when I TGH was laid up for ten days.

  6. Good for you!!!

  7. Progressive is a decent insurance company, but being liberals, they tend to screw things up by their weird sense of justice and fairness.

    They live up to their contracts, as far as I know, but they pull crap like they did with you. To quote Flo "It happens all the time".

    Flo has that older fashion hair style, yet isn't old enough to have worn in yesteryear, so she is made to appeal to the older generations as a sort of trip back in time.

  8. Buck, I'm happy for ya' that USAA changed the date range on service or sumpin' since you last looked in to it. (I think that was a problem for you before...maybe memory is fuzzy these days).


  9. LOL. And if USAA hadn't allowed low-rent, risky behavior moto-riding, cigar puffing, beer-swilling enlisted swine like you in because the WWII officer bulge is dying off, my rates would be EVEN LOWER, Buck! :)

  10. PPS: Neat back-story to the "enlisted swine" bit. At DaNang, the I-Corps DASC had a Mexican_American SSgt from the Brownsville, McAllen, Edinberg, TX area (an area I know fairly well as my Dad was head Tennis Coach at Pan-American College in Edinberg on an interim basis on leave from his same position at East Ill for a while) in the Admin section with whom I used to trade stories about that area with when I was over there . AHis name was John Incarncione (sp?)Lamberia--a real sharp troop with curly hair a wicked sense of humor set in a chunky Latino body. Every time I appeared in the office he would come to attention by loudly clicking his heels and giving the old open-handed British salute (with vibrating palm ala the movies) exclaiming: "Oh Sir oh Sir, Don't hurt us, Sir--PLEASE go easy on the enlisted swine sir!" LOL! NEVER WILL forget the guy.

  11. Red: Thank ya, Ma'am.

    Anon2: My experience with Progressive was good, for the most part, until such time as we had that credit-rating encounter. As for Flo... I like her perkiness. I always had great times with the perky sorts.

    Andy: You remember correctly. It was quite a few years back when I inquired about joining up with them, only to be told I was "outside the window," whatever the Hell THAT was. But all is forgiven now.

    Virgil: Re: rates. We won't go into the ossifer types who "buy Barbancourt by the barrel," including those with deficient memories who don't realize they've told that same Da Nang enlisted swine story on at least TWO previous occasions. No matter, though, it's a great story and one that bears repeating. But you HAVE hit your limit. ;-)

  12. Welcome aboard! You'll also be getting a "distribution" check once, sometimes two times, a year from your "subscriber's account!" Plus, there are plenty of nice folks at USAA, too.

  13. I have always thought it would be kind of fun to have intercourse with Flo. I don't know why.

  14. I haven't made up my mind about Flo. Yep she is cute and perky, but she gets on my nerves after a while. Glad you got it all worked out with new insurance.

  15. It's probably the red lipstick and the thought that she might be loud. More likely Flo would be the type to keep telling you how you are doing it all wrong. hehe.

  16. Buck, You're kidding me! I REALLY MUST BE loosing it. TWICE before? Best head for the VA to check myself into the lock-down psych ward (something my wife has been trying to force me to do for years :) ) Srsly, I CANNOT ever remember telling that here before, Lex mebbe, but, WOW--that Barbancourt really is good stuff, eh? :)

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  19. Its really sinister how the credit scoring system penalises you if you dont run up credit and debt. We had that issue. We dont now we own property and had to furnish it though - argh!

  20. Moogie: Yeah, there's LOTs to like about USAA.

    Cabbie: Funny thing... the exact SAME thought has hit me, too. ;-)

    Lou: Oh, c'mon... you know you love her!

    More likely Flo would be the type to keep telling you how you are doing it all wrong. hehe.

    I take instruction pretty well, Anon, and I would make the necessary allowances. Once.

    Virgil: Heh. "Good stuff," indeed!

    Alison: I hear ya, on ALL counts. I finished Round One of furniture/furnishing purchases last week... with more to come once I get moved in. Aiiieee.


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