Friday, July 01, 2011

Broadening Our Horizons XXVI

Heresy!  I'm an apostate!  By that I mean I bought my first bottle of blended scotch in at least 30 years today... this:

That's a bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold... a blend of 18-year-old single malts (no grain spirits added... it's ALL single malts).  I saw this on the shelf of the Class VI store yesterday but wasn't prepared to pay the considerable freight on this blend (a blend, fer gawd's sakes!) until I got home and did some basic research, which is to say: read some reviews.  I read, I was impressed, I made the return trip to Cannon today and picked up a bottle.  I'm glad I did... let's quote one review:
So, the question that arises: Is Gold Label that good? And the answer is . . . yes, it is. Very good indeed.
The reviewer waxes eloquent about the nose of this scotch and I'm with him there... the nose is magnificent.  But really: it's all about the taste, innit?  And the taste is superb; slightly sweet, peaty, and smooooth.  Exceptionally smooth.  I like this scotch a LOT.

A couple o' notes...  (1)  There were six bottles of JW Gold on the shelf at the Class VI yesterday; there were three when I returned today.  The stuff moves pretty fast for as pricey as it is.  (2)  I included that bottle of Glenmorangie in the pic simply to show how much of it has been consumed since I brought it home.  A bottle o' scotch will normally last me about six weeks; this bottle has been in my likker locker for less than two.  Which is testimony on how much I like this stuff:  it, too, is that good.  But the Glenmorangie has some serious competition now.  (3)  The sun was over the yardarm... albeit just barely... when I poured the wee dram you see above.  That's just because I AM an American, and I'm ALL about instant gratification.  And because I CAN.


  1. I generally tend to go with single malts, but one of the benefits of blended is that they are consistent in a way that the singles sometimes aren't.

    Usually though, blended means a better price tag.

    I do have a hard time keeping my supply shelf stocked with Scotch. I find that one just isn't enough no matter how hard I try. Course, I don't try exceptionally hard when it comes to going for a few more fingers of fine scotch.

    Speaking of which, you'll have to pardon me whilst I go and pour me a bit of the nectar of the gods. CHEERS!

    Magic Wordy Thingy... COWCAN? Really? For a discussion on the finest libation on earth? COW-CAN? lol

  2. Should buy the other three up. This is why I have been buying wines by the case.

    I hate to open something up and enjoy it so thoroughly as to be sorry when there is no more.

    Wine Warehouse called a half hour ago, there are two cases of Veuve de Vernay waiting for me!

    T-Minus 55 minutes to yabba dabba do time.

  3. Sorry, Buck, that was me above..

  4. No, I'm not anonynous at the top--my comment seems to have disappeared..

  5. Second time: Ever try "The Famous Grouse," Buck? I'm NOT a Scotch drinker per se...but there are times... And one of my favorite cocktails of all time (the Wagon-Wheel at Mr. Nicks on Tulane Ave in New Orleans just opposite the old Dixie Brewery) is Scotch-based..

    (PS: I've been told by Scotch drinkers that J&B is the Scotch for non-Scotch drinkers...fairly inexpensive and a mild, smooth, nondescript taste. Ever hear that said, Buck?)

  6. I do have a hard time keeping my supply shelf stocked with Scotch.

    I seem to be havin' that problem of late, Anon.

    Virgil: Blogger still hates you; your first comment ended up in my spam folder again. I wonder what's up with THAT? It's ONLY you! I never heard that thing about J&B and yes, I've tried Famous Grouse. But I don't drink blends as a rule, as noted in the post.

    Darryl: I've given some thought to goin' back out to Cannon and buyin' at least ONE more bottle of this stuff. Haven't jumped yet, though.

  7. How peaty is it? I'm more of a Highlands kinda gal than Islay.

    The Famous Grouse -- now that brings back memories!

  8. I'd give this a four on a scale of ten where "peaty" is concerned, Moogie. You can pick it up but it ain't overbearing.


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