Friday, June 24, 2011

Just a Couple o' Thangs

Kitty Update:  (I KNOW.  I said I wouldn't, but I sometimes lie misspeak.)   I think something terrible happened to the four kittens that hang around El Casa Móvil de Pennington.  Mama Cat was acting very distraught last evening during After Dinner Whiskey Hour, meowing ceaselessly and repeatedly making wide circles around the entire area, with nary a kitten in sight.  That's a shame, if true, coz the kittens have been a never-ending source of entertainment this past week.  Mama Cat has been bringing birds for the kitties to devour every night for the past few (and LOTS of 'em, Mama Cat bein' quite the accomplished huntress; no dumpster soup kitchen for HER) and watching those going-ons have been supremely entertaining... even if the neighbor's yard looks like the aftermath of an explosion in a pillow factory.  We're talkin' a LOT of dead bird carcasses.  

It's middling strange I should feel so bad about this, given the cat-hating image I have to uphold.  Old Age has had the strangest effect on me.

Weather Update:  The Weather Deity At Hand is smiling upon us as our winds haven't picked up and our awning is deployed.  But it IS hot!

I see the forecast has been updated to reflect more misery is upon us for the foreseeable future.  We're also gonna set a record high today, but I suppose this is what I get for bein' an Anthropomorphic Global Warming Climate Change Denier.  Somewhere Algore is laughing his considerable ass off.

Update, 1350 hrs:  Do they LIE?

I think mebbe.


  1. If Algore did laugh his ample fanny all the way off, it would look like a calving glacier. Really big and really white.

  2. Really big and really white.

    Heh. You win the inner-nets today, Inno!

  3. The kitties are (I presume to be positive here) just innocent, defenseless creatures. They are cute and fun to watch. Nothing other than that; and you are human Buck. Hard to refuse to be affected by the adorableness.

    The weather out there is bananas!

  4. My thought (and you know how reliable my thoughts are...) is that maybe someone saw the kittens while the mother was away hunting, thought they were abandoned, and maybe got a local shelter to come get them? Or maybe took them in him/herself? Shame for momma cat, if so, but maybe (maybe) better for the kittens in the long run.

  5. ...and you are human Buck.

    Heh. Rumor has it. ;-) And yeah, the WX has been... interesting.

    Jim: I don't think so. Don't forget: this is Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park.

  6. "...nary a kitten in sight."

    You wouldn't happen to have any French families nearby, would you?

    v-word = elemolis

  7. What I mean is, when you're out of hamsters...

  8. Buck, could there be a kitty in your future to keep you warm in the winter?

  9. Buck, I am somewhat envious, still. How a 111.4 degree day translates to a "feels like 101" is just fabulous!

    When you are accustom to a 96 that "feels like 109,"...well... I'd really like to give your weather a shot.

    Of course, I am a hot weather fan, so the intense heat we're experiencing does not bother me as it does others. But, it does drain the energy bank. That I will admit.

    I hope the kittens are dead.

  10. I sure hope the water supply for your shower is shielded from the sun, lol. Or are you tied into the muni H20 system?er

  11. Ivan: You should have seen me eating my first snail; I was all of eight or nine years old. I lived in Paris as a child and my parents were those types who insisted I try everything (and they loved "escargot"). I remember that event well... I almost puked and my father came rather unglued.

    Ed: Mebbe in my NEXT life, if I come back as a hawk.

    I hope the kittens are dead.

    Heh. Heh-heh-heh. BWAAAA-HAHAHA!

    Virgil: I'm on city water, but my water heater is on the sun-side of the coach. I haven't noticed any problems.

  12. MissBirdlegs in AL25 June, 2011 18:01

    Old age hasn't changed my opinion of cats, so I'm pretty sure it isn't age-related. :-) I think they're cute on videos, but that's as close as I want to see them...

  13. My last cat was born under a barn. He was quite the hunter. Trouble is, I wanted a house cat, and his being half-wild didn't make him as cuddly as I would like. He loved to wrestle though.

    As all half-wild cats, the neighbor ran him over and I had to put a 22 in his head, as he wouldn't just die like a normal run-over cat.

    I'd probably capture the mother cat and shoot it. She will not be adoptable, and all she will do is breed. Unless they have a program their where they snip her uterus out and release her.


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