Friday, June 24, 2011

A Minor Observation

One of the best things about my vision since cataract surgery is how much cleaner El Casa Móvil de Pennington appears to be.  That's because my eyes were corrected for distance vision and things in the middle distance and close-up are less than distinct.  So, one can conveniently ignore... or fail to see... the accumulation of "stuff" on the floor and elsewhere in one's daily life.  Until one leaves one's reading glasses on and walks into the Little Room to take a leak, that is.

Zounds.  I've been in cleaner gas station rest rooms.  Seriously.

So, it's 20 minutes later and we now have a sparkling bathroom.  My DIL... who keeps an immaculate house... must have been horrified when she came to visit a couple o' weeks ago.  Or mebbe not: the standard greeting guests get when they enter the premises is "don't look down."  There's more reason than ever for that warning these days and I'm beginning to think I really need a maid.


  1. That's pretty much a standard advisory at Moogie's Mansion, too! I'm beginning to think a maid once a month would be a good investment.

  2. Is the gun sight off a little, or not enough powder in the charge!! OR are you seeing two targets?

  3. My guests have to either wear a haz-mat suit or sign a waiver 'fore I let 'em in my bathroom.

  4. The room where my 'puter is... it's "Don't look!"

  5. That's how it starts, Buck. I was a confirmed dog person until the Katlady brought an ill orphan kitten along to a bike rally in OH. Dweazel, with his sick kitten attempted antics, won my heart over.

    Yes, never leave the office with your glasses on or look down at the bathroom floor! AMHIK.

    Hey, my verification word is 'iness' - like Guinness but without the GU. It is a sign, methinks, even if a sign needs another 'n' in it so don't question me on it - it is brew time!

  6. I'm beginning to think a maid once a month would be a good investment.

    It's a damned good investment, Moogie. I had a wonderful relationship with Merry Maids in my most recent past life... they made a once a week visit that eased my life considerably. I also hired them for the first six months after SN3 was born, a boon to a busy nursing mom.

    Ed: I don't have problems in this space at all... that wasn't the issue.

    Inno: Heh.

    Skip: "Don't look" was my desk in previous lives.

    Lin: I'm pretty safe from cat scratch fever as I STILL recall my roommate's psychotic cat from 1977. That thing would stalk me and drew blood on me more than once.

  7. With all the construction going on at my house, it's best not to look down. All the dust makes my tile floor rather easy to slip on. Several of my friends have maids that come every other week. I just can't justify that when I don't have a "real job." And I need the exercise:)


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