Friday, June 24, 2011

Weird Al Is BACK!

Too frickin' cool...

Now I've never seen a Lady Gaga performance (no fuckin' geezer jokes, mmmkay?) but I have it on good authority this spoof is spot-on.


  1. Apparently, like Taylor Swift, she's popular with the tweens so thare's no potential of geezer jokes. I've only seen a few snippets of her and rapidly change the cahnnel when she's on.

  2. Ah, love that Al. The song wasn't his best but the costumes were great.

  3. The costumes were outstanding, Bec!

  4. My youngest pointed out that there is a Wilhem scream attached to the guy getting stabbed in the eye. Being a theatre arts graduate (finally), he's attuned to that kind of thing.

  5. The "Lady's" sales are going down pretty fast.

    She is one strange person and even though shock crap can sell, it wears out after a bit.

    The Weird Al parody was funny, but in a disturbing way.

  6. Bec: Thanks for the link. I learn sumthin' EVERY day.

    Anon: Madonna made a pretty good career out o' that shock thang. It DID get old after a bit but she had enough fans to sustain her career. It remains to be seen if Gaga can pull that off.


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