Saturday, January 22, 2011

Who's On First?

Not the FIRST Abbott & Costello based joke I've heard this week.

From the Usual Source.


  1. And there's the old Jack Benny play on words Mexican running gag he used in both his radio shows and later carried over to TV: Remember "Seester" "Meester" "Si" "Sy" (Ans to: What's the name of your brother? Your sister? "Sue.") and on and on in a running dialogue--usually when Benny bumped into the guy asking for directions when down in Mexico.

  2. I missed that one, Virgil... as in "never saw/heard it."

  3. Excellent cartoon and it's accurate, too!

    Here's the Jack Benny and Mel Blanc skit. I just happened to look at it last week for some reason.


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