Saturday, January 22, 2011


Further to the Olbermann story... there's this from NewsBusters:
A self-proclaimed media insider made the same observation at the far-left website Daily Kos Friday:
It will happen (so I'm told) on the channel now known as Versus. It's a sports channel owned by Comcast, and the story I'm hearing is that it will be rebranded as NBC Sportschannel once the takeover is complete, with Keith as its star personality. 
If Comcast was going to move Olbermann to its own sports channel, why would they humiliate him this way first?
Fans know Versus has the NHL's teevee contract, for now. If there is any one single thing that could make me quit watching hockey it would be the appearance... however brief it might be... of Olbermann on a hockey broadcast. The reason for serious worry rests with the fact Versus really only broadcasts two sports: hockey and professional rodeo, three if you count the Tour De France. But only people named "Lance" watch the TdF. The rest of Versus' programming is fishing and hunting shows and weak-ass attempts at sports talk shows, all of which... the talk shows... fail sooner or later.

I don't think I have to worry, though, as KO doesn't "get" hockey... as far as I know.  Or so I hope, anyhoo.  I will say this, though:  hockey pucks and KO have a lot in common intellect-wise, with the edge going to the pucks.


  1. He never was a hockey type. Tom Mees was one of the best at ESPN in the eighties
    But if Versus uses Olby on any game at anytine, I will have to forgo said broadcasts. I have NHL Network on my Sat TV. So I get the HNIC game on Saturday.

  2. One of the funniest two hours I ever heard in radio was several years back when Glen Beck was carried on one of our local talk stations. (They don't carry him any more, and honestly I don't know if he still does radio).

    Beck had just moved to Philadelphia, and was trying to get cable & net installed at his house. The thrust of the two hours was "Comcast SUCKS!"

    I swear, Dean and I were working together and listening to it, and we doubled over so often that we finally threw in the towel. Just when you thought it was over, he'd be like, "It's 14 past the top of the hour, and COMCAST STILL SUCKS!!!"

    I don't know if Keef will catch a new gig with them. But if so, it will suck exponentially. The guy's a loser...a true horses' ass that amazingly continues to work.

    He's got some pictures hidden somewhere. Just sayin'...

  3. OMG, I about had a heart attack! :)

  4. So I get the HNIC game on Saturday.

    Quit bragging, Glenn. ;-)

    Andy: Comcast DOES suck. It's only inertia that's keeping me from switching to Dish or DirectTV. I've gone an entire freakin' weekend without my HD channels, and then they majickly appear around 0830 hrs on Monday. Bastards.

    Bec: HEH!!

  5. Comcast sucks. Plain and simple. I watch VS now, but if Monkey Boy ends up on the channel, that will change.

    Seem likes a poor choice, seeing as the vast majority of outdoors people tend toward the conservative.

  6. I have to agree with Buckskins Rule. The programming at Versus is aimed at a crowd that Olby tends to abuse, ridicule and berate. Mainly because we are everyday conservative types. But in the off happenstance that it could occur, I will be spending a bit more time watching the Sportsman Channel and Pursuit Channel.

  7. People named Lance AND people named Moogie and Pepper watch the TdF, Buck. Although, Moogie doesn't always watch it voluntarily.

    I will whisper a little prayer that your beloved hockey doesn't get infected by the Olbermann.

  8. Although, Moogie doesn't always watch it voluntarily.

    Heh. The truth will out...


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