Saturday, January 22, 2011

OK, So We All Heard Olbermann Got Fired

But I found out via Twitter.  Like this:
  1. Say what you will about Keith Olbermann, but... well, okay, say what you will.  
  2. #NewOlbermannJobs cohost of Keith & Kathy's Morning Zoo Crew on WIWW, Youngston's all-Socialist Sports 500 watt blowtorch 
  3. #NewOlbermannJobs Commissioner of the National Hysterical Ninny Association 
  4. #NewOlbermannJobs sobbing in fetal position on the floor of his apartment surrounded by baseball cards. Does that count as a job? 
  5. At long last, sir, have you no job? 
  6. I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if 0.6 ratings points suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced 
  7. Dear Keith: Good night, and get f*cked. 
All of the above from David Burge, Number Seven being my favorite.  And you KNOW there were a lot more such Tweets from other interested parties, the Right having no mercy.  No mercy was called for in this case, anyhoo.  As a matter o' fact, I had another beer just to celebrate the occasion.

Why did Olbermann leave MS-NBC?  No one really knows, as of late Friday night.  But the thread on the subject at Hot Air makes for interesting reading.  He'll not be missed in these parts.

As for the Lefties?  Gad.  The Fever Swamps are acting like somebody shot their dog.  It's worse than the mid-terms... and a whole helluva lot o' fun to watch.  Yup: Schadenfreude 'R' Us!


  1. When I used to waste money on cable...

    I watched him a few times. He was in the mold of Linda Ellerbee and Lloyd Dobyns. That is, talk like you are so cool that everyone else should kiss your [expletive deleted] ring (Pope's excluded).

    After each time I watched him, I had to go wash my hands.

    I just yelled at the TV: "You're not cool! You are a tool!" What a difference one letter in the English alphabet makes...

    ...and so it goes...

  2. #7 is the winner!
    Just never liked the guy.

  3. I recently changed my mind about Tool...since my beautiful grandbaby mispronounced "cool" as "tool" our family has taken to calling all things cool...tool. Usually the "oooooool" part being extremely elongated. Sean decided that Mya's version of cool stands for "Too Cool" and has be adopted entirely.

    We're looking into a Wiki entry soon...



  4. Ah - this was such lovely news to wake to this morning. Almost as good as a cup of coffee on this very frigid day.

  5. That just made my Saturday morning!

    Now maybe Matthews will go away, too.

  6. Buck, This is good news. Thanks for the Hot Air link. Some interesting speculation there. And that great pic without makeup you posted! I wonder what the original source was. It looks like something out of a bad Sci Fi film from the 60s! The Blabberman would have made a nice alien in one of those. BTW, I didn't know you were a Twitter guy. I don't even know enough about it to ask a question without embarrassing myself. So I'll just make Exile in Portales my main stop for Twitter info.

  7. Dot: I watched him a few times when he first began with MS-NBC and quit after his first Bush rant. The guy defines "unhinged."

    Just askin': are ya another Anon who's adopted a handle?

    Ed: "Never liked the guy" is understatement in my book!

    Buck: TOOOOL! ;-)

    Kris: Yup. Agreed! We're chilly here, too.

    BR: I'm thinkin' Matthews is safe. More's the pity.

  8. Dan: I wondered the same thing about the image; it's too bad ya can't google photos, no?

    Twitter is easy... it only takes about a minute to create an account and then your Twitter page will appear as a separate tab in your browser once you're logged in. The app is very intuitive. I use Twitter_Gadget, which allows me to read tweets in a sidebar window in G-Mail... but it also works in a custom Google page, if you have that.

    I like Twitter a lot. I follow a couple o' bloggers, my CongressCritters, a few friends, and some various and sundry other folks, but I rarely tweet, myself.

  9. I'm slow, I just found out you can type any user name you want. So the anonymous seems so boring.

    Not really a name, but a title for the burst of syntax.

    In this case it was those Polka Dots I see whenever I hit my head on the bedboard. Thus, my title for this tool.

  10. I'm going to GREATLY MISS HIM, Buck. See, I ALWAYS watched him--wanted to be there when he stroked out on camera during one of his rants--GREAT entertainment!

  11. Dot: It's GOOD to have an identity. I was having trouble sorting out the Anons... coz I can be pretty slow at times, too. ;-)

    Virgil: You're a MUCH better man, etc., etc. Or you have a stronger stomach, at the VERY least.

  12. You can google photos...or at least you can with a smartphone. The app is called...wait for it...goggles. You take a pic with your phone and google compares it to it's database of pics and returns what it finds...
    I took the pic you posted...used the incredible power of my mac to enlarge the screen in about .5 seconds, snapped the pic with my phone and it came back with a link to the wiki "cyborg" and a site ( with a dead link to a youtube video.
    Unfortunately Goggles is only available for smartphones...wonder why that is?

    Ain't technology grand?!


  13. Morgan: Thanks.

    Buck: Technology IS grand!


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