Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Very Slow Sunday

So, here we sit... waiting for Ol' Man Winter to drop the other shoe (which isn't supposed to happen until Tuesday), half-assed watching the situation unfold in Egypt (about which we can't seem to generate much interest, other than reading the comments on the subject at Lex's place, all 69 of 'em), and makin' the rounds of my other Daily Reads.

I got nuthin' today.  I spent a lil time perusing the archives for something to re-run but nothing really struck my fancy.  I posted the only re-run I found even remotely interesting a little over a year ago this month, so there's no sense in doin' THAT again.  But, if you weren't hangin' out in these parts a year ago and if you're interested in a tale of Innocents Abroad, specifically abroad in China, then you might enjoy this.  And this.  There are lots of photos, if nothing else.  Including this one:

The original caption to that photo was "Why I love Japan - Beer machines!"  And yes, I did say the re-runs are about China... and they ARE.  But you also get a lil bit o' Japan as a bonus, mainly because I'm a generous sort.

Apropos of not much... why don't we have beer machines in these United States?  We claim to be a civilized and advanced country, right?


  1. I've only been in Egypt twice. First time was at a remote Mig-21 base NE of Luxor for the Iran Hostage rescue.

    I first met Egyptian Army conscripts there. These guys were sorry bastards. We smuggled them food, and sent back to Europe to buy 40 pairs of Nike sneakers with sizes, as these bastards didn't even have descent shoes.

    A couple days later they were wearing their new shoes for a day, then the shoes disappeared the next day! They sold them for cigarettes and food. We told them to stay away from us or we would shoot them on sight after that. SLime-balls could have at least waited until we were gone - F*ing rag-heads.

    My second trip was to Cairo West. Me and a few others decided to go see the Pyramids and then stroll around downtown. We drank some god-awful beer that drove us crazy, because we were beating-up every beggar that approached us. Then some cop would come over and billy-club the kid we just beat-up, and we would give him an American dollar.

    The Pyramids had so many beggars we decided to pretend we were Danish, so they would go bug the American tourists. We watched as the donkey cart driver bribed the cop so he could stay there. Then we watched him pay the cop after every customer. When the cop went on break, we went over to his hut and beat the shit out of him and stole all his money. MSgt Floyd pee'd on his head, but he was out cold.

    I hate Egyptians. F*ing rag-heads. I hope they all die.. Be a good place to move Israel.

  2. Interesting. I've never been to Egypt, the closest I ever got was Beirut. That said... have ya ever read this, Anon? ;-)

  3. Re: Ugly American...

    Yes. I was one of the protagonists of that book. I've since learned that some people are born stupid, die stupid, and love being stupid in-between, and no Catholic-hyphenated-American is going to change their stupid lap-dog ways.

    I'm from the Teddy Rooselvelt big stick school of diplomacy, but I flunked out of the Speak Softly Semester.

  4. Cairo: "completely wasted journey"

  5. I can't muster any interest in the situation either. I'm of the mind that we should stay out of the Middle East, and let the region destroy itself.

  6. When/if the Suez Canal is closed and gas goes to $7 a gallon I wonder how many people will suddenly become interested?

    BTW, not to defend the obvious mental midget above, but wouldn’t being uninterested in world politics also be a sign of a Ugly American?

  7. Never mind all of that twaddle. Beer! Yum!

  8. Hat: Pretty good!

    BR: There are times when I realy think the "sheet of glass" option would be best.

    Small-tee: I didn't say I was unaware, only that I really don't give a shit about riots in the street. I find them less than fascinating in a "seen one, seen 'em all" sorta way. And this seven-dollar-a-gallon crap is bullshit. Markets panic, t'is ever true.

    I'm thinking your average American is uninterested in world politics. Does that make him ugly?

  9. I got sidetracked reading Lex's post and comments. Let's just say I don't want anyone telling me how to spell correctly :) As my good friend, Dick, used to say, "I don't want my typewriter beeping at me when I spell "fuck" and it thinks I misspelled "duck".

    I am interested in what is going on in the ME for several reasons. Halliburton has lots of people in Egypt and other revolting places. Also, I find it fascinating that the US supports certain totalitarian regimes turning a blind eye to their lack of human rights issues and then are surprised when the people revolt and hold us accountable. And yet, I'm not glued to the TV or news, but it is an interesting topic.


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