Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh, Goodie. I Can't WAIT!

From the NWS in ABQ:
High temperatures ranging from 10 to nearly 20 degrees above average over far eastern New Mexico today will drop 5 to 15 degrees Sunday across the northeast plains as the far southwest edge of an Arctic air mass eases into northeast New Mexico.

The coldest of the air mass will likely delay until Tuesday and Wednesday of next week... as highs over the northeast plains are forecast to reach at best in the teens and nighttime lows Tuesday night may drop several degrees below zero. The Rio Grande Valley and western New Mexico will also likely experience some colder weather next week... though not the bitter cold of the northeast.

Computer weather forecast models still are displaying some significant differences on the track and timing of the two main low pressure systems making up this storm complex... but they are at least showing those two main features.
Well, now.  Doesn't that sound appealing?  We're gonna be in the high 60s today and that's a lot warmer than "normal."  I have no right to expect these moderate temps to continue right into Spring but I WAS hopin'.  Kinda-sorta.


  1. Buck, don't "drip" the faucet. Run it full blast.

    Pal, it was 70 plus yesterday. Pam and I went to dinner yesterday evening, and ate outside on the patio at Copeland's at the Boardwalk.

    In short sleeves. If we hadn't got into a big fight, it would have been the "perfect afternoon."

    God, it felt good. Not the fight, but even the temps made that tolerable.

  2. Buck seriousy, go get ya some heat trace to put on the hose from the faucet to your rig, sounds like you're in for a storm. Try to stay warm!

    WV emersing (google laughing again)

  3. Andy: We almost hit 70 yesterday; I think we got to 67. I'm sorry you and The Missus had a set-to. Those are never fun and tend to spoil your whole danged day.

    Deb: I'm giving your suggestion some serious thought.

  4. Dunno, Buck, I always preferred my "winter" wx to actually take place during the "winter" and have an early actual spring, rather than a short abnormal warm period in Jan/Feb followed by blizzards in Mar, late April--which happens all too frequently in the part of the mid-west I grew up in--which is why I hated it. I can remember playing tennis matches in April in snow-showers and a hoodie. Hell, you've lived in Mich--the leaves don't even come out on the trees until mid god-forsaken-MAY! up there!!!--it was bad enough in central Illinois.

    Besides, there's something psychologically unsettling (to my warped mind, at least) when the "normal" wx patterns don't prevail. I want my winter to "look" like winter--same for the summer, etc.

    Geezer rant out..

  5. Buck, I know you don't like doing this but I'm going to suggest anyway. White water hose for campers is to weak to put a heat tape on, the plastic can't take the heat. Get off your wallet and go to a plumber and have him make you a water hose out of "PEX" tubing, however long you need. Ask him/her to put a heat tape on it and insulate it. Then go to Walmart and tell the person in the hardware dept you want two foam hose bib covers and some Duct tape. Take it home and install it. Just unplug the heat tape when your not using it. Or, have a plumber come out and do it(at $95.00 an hour).

  6. Virgil: I don't "prefer" winter at ALL. I tolerate a little winter, but I don't like it.

    Dan: re: "I know you don't like doing this..." Which is why you were a MUCH better radar guy than I ever was. But I like the ideer.

  7. Yeah, PEX is the way to go. In fact, my Architect/construction expert/knows all about it guy recommended I use PEX on my bathroom remodel instead of copper or pvc.

    The stuff is cheap, and supposedly lasts forever. And, it will tolerate heat tape, too.

    Nyuk! WV: tereabl

  8. Auuggghhh! There is something fundamentally wrong with using "high temperatures" and "10 to 20 degrees" in the same sentence.

  9. Buck, do something about that plumbing. If you need to holler at a plumber, I recommend Brady Plumbing or Parks Plumbing. Or better yet, just check into the Holiday Inn or Super 8 for a couple of days til the frigid temps are over.

  10. Thank you all for the ideers and concern! I just MIGHT do that Holiday Inn thing, Jenny.


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