Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Yeah, I watched it.  I had it in my mind to limit my comments to a screen-shot of the US debt clock, but Mz. Benson beat me to it.

It was pretty much the same ol', same ol'... except for the fact The One actually came out and admitted the US is an exceptional country, in his own oblique sorta way, of course.  One good thing: Boehner is much easier on the eyes than Pop-Up Nancy With The Botox Smile.  I'm grateful for small gifts.

That said... I don't wanna hear another goddamned word about "investments" unless it's how much you cut from the budget and apply to the deficit.  Paying down our debt is the best "investment" we can make at the moment.  Nota bene, Mr. President... you need to listen to Representative Ryan.  Attentively.


  1. I must admit Buck, I just couldn't make myself watch it. It the same ol' rhetoric over and over, hogwash!!

  2. Thank you for your sacrifice.

    Like Dale, I find it almost physically impossible to subject myself to the maunderings of that pompous imbecile.

  3. SOTU, STFU! Heh. There are indeed great minds out here!

    Ryan dod a good job. And then there was Boehner, trying very hard (sorta) not to scowl. And the BLESSED absence of Nancy-in-the-Box!

  4. Dale & Rob: Well, when it's late at night and Red Eye is preempted... whatcha gonna DO?

    Moogie: Heh. Agreed on all counts.

  5. Aw gee, quit being so hard on Him, He's doing the best job He can, it's going to take Him a long time after eight years of...

    Gah. Can't even type that with a straight face.

    And Pelosi: It's like Jack in the Box, the bad guy in the "Saw" movies, and the Wicked Witch of the West had some kind of three-way that resulted in an unholy conception which was then born with windshield wipers for eyelids. If she somehow makes it back into that chair she should seriously consider wearing a bag over the noggin.

  6. I couldn't watch it. I flat cannot stand the sound of the man's voice.

    Besides, it's all BS and rhetoric, regardless of who is giving the speech.


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