Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

The day's errands are done, the larder is stocked (as is the fridge), and Happy Hour is upon us.  And it's yet another indoor Happy Hour, but that's OK as Good Times are comin'... the forecast is for 63 degrees this Friday.  

We're listening to the digitally re-mastered "Exile On Main Street," (my fourth copy of "Exile," two on vinyl, two on CD) which has made its way from the car into El Casa Móvil De Pennington.  Truly GREAT albums... and "Exile" is one such... tend to LIVE in The Green Hornet.  But we brought the disk into the house today for Happy Hour.  Mostly for this tune:

Who's that woman on your arm, all dressed up to do you harm
And I'm hip to what she'll do, give her just about a month or two.
Bit off more than I can chew and I knew what it was leading to,
Some things, well, I can't refuse,
One of them, one of them's the bedroom blues.
She delivered right on time, I can't resist a corny line,
But take the shine right off you shoes,
Carryin', carryin' the bedroom blues.
There are lyrics, Gentle Reader, and then there are LYRICS.  I don't believe I've ever heard a better song about love gone missing than this one.  And then there's that plaintive horn section in the middle of the tune that evokes heartache like no other horn chart I've EVAH heard.  

YMMV, of course.  But "Let It Loose" has done it for me, for years and years and years.  Even in Former Happy Days. 


  1. Sweet. Pepper'll have to see this one, too.

  2. Thanks, Moogie. You're GOOD people!

  3. Eric over at wrote a post about love gone wrong, and he can write some good tales.

  4. Mr. Waits' contribution --

    Well, I hope that I don't fall in love with you,
    'Cause falling in love just makes me blue.
    Well, the music plays and you display
    Your heart for me to see.
    I had a beer and now I hear
    You calling out for me.
    And I hope that I don't fall in love with you.

    Well, the room is crowded, people everywhere,
    And I wonder, should I offer you a chair?
    Well, if you sit down with this old clown,
    Take that frown and break it,
    Before the evening's gone away,
    I think that we could make it.
    And I hope that I don't fall in love with you.

    Well, the night does funny things inside a man.
    These old tomcat feelings you don't understand.
    Well, I turn around and look at you,
    You light a cigarette,
    I wish I had the guts to bum one,
    But we've never met.
    And I hope that I don't fall in love with you.

    I can see that you are lonesome just like me,
    And it being late you'd like some company.
    Well, I turn around and look at you,
    And you look back at me.
    The guy you're with, he's up and split,
    The chair next to you's free.
    And I hope that you don't fall in love with me.

    Now it's closing time, the music's fading out.
    Last call for drinks, I'll have another stout.
    Well I turn around to look at you,
    you're nowhere to be found,
    I search the place for your lost face,
    guess I'll have another round
    And I think that I just fell in love with you.

  5. Thanks for the link, Lou.

    Waits is good, JR. He's an acquired taste, tho.


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