Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dentistry Never Sleeps

Dr Marie-Catherine Klarkowski said: ‘The most important thing is to take away patients’ fear. The sight of cleavages gets patients narcotised and distracted from the pain rather quickly.

‘Some patients’ mouths are already wide open on entering the practice.’

It is unclear if the patients feel less pain but the number of clients going to the Relax & Smile practice in Munich has risen by a third since the change. Yes, they are all men.
Hmmm.  I don't have a problem with my dentist coz his staff are most definitely lookers, even though they dress modestly and are entirely professional.  Still and even... I have a routine cleaning appointment on February 1st and you can rest assured I shall bring this article to the Good Doctor's attention.

Photo from the linked article.


  1. Meh...the purple shoelaces on the front are a turn off. And, I don't like that torn sleeve look, either.

    Just sayin'...

    Of course, I haven't been to a Dentist in about 40 years, so what do I know about current Painless Pete fashions?

    Actually, I'm lying. I did go to a Dentist to get my wisdom teeth extracted when I was 22. So, I haven't been to one in 29 years.

    Technically he was an "oral surgeon," but that's splitting hairs.

    Glad I cleared that up.

  2. Your points about the costumer are well-taken, Andy. But... that said... This is a better execution of the concept.

    I wish I had your teeth-genes. I could have bought one of those CTS's I've been lusting after... cash on the barrel... with the money I've handed over to dentists of various stripes in the last ten years. Oh, well. At least I'm getting good mileage out of my teeth these days.

  3. I don't mind a hint of cleavage, but I don't like an in-your-face or bubbling over the top presentation. Maybe it is the Puritan in me or just the woman, but I don't think I would care to see my dental hygienist's boobs - seems a bit unprofessional.

  4. Buck, that is undoubtedly a better example of how it should be done.

    And hey...I didn't say I couldn't have used a dentist. All my dental money over the years went to pediatric dentists & telling how many thousands are sunk in to the pearly whites of the boys.

    Alas, they all flash a gorgeous smile. I just kinda keep my mouth shut (in a figurative sense) around folks.

  5. Maybe "Hooters" will open a dental office in their stores. Great idea don't cha think!

  6. ...seems a bit unprofessional.

    But you're not a GUY, Lou.

    Andy: I hear ya. And so do SNs One and Two.

    Ed: I'm not a Hooters fan. I'm not against women in skimpy clothes, but I AM against over-priced, mediocre food served by women in skimpy clothes among a crowd of leering louts. I just don't like the concept or its execution. No offense, if you're a fan.

  7. Buck, Only visited one in my life, it was a little too redneck for me to want more hot wings. Just sayin.

  8. Words fail me.

    W/V: pootif. There's nothing particularly apropos about it, but it did give me a giggle.

  9. Ed: My experience eggs-zactly. Went once, never went back.

    Moogie: Wellll... ;-)

  10. I've actually never been to a Hooters. We have one about a mile from the house in the entertainment district down by the river.

    I haven't mentioned to Pam about giving it a try. Go figure.

  11. I'm almost ashamed to admit how much time I can allow to drift on by before I visit what's supposed to be my favorite eating establishment. But I agree with you entirely on the reason I can't quite manage to make it. At eighty bucks & up for dinner for three, it's strictly for special occasions.

    But on the other hand, if you're a leggy young gal trying to make it through college, it fits. More than one waitress has said so, rather emphatically. And for the harried businessman on a trip it's completely awesome. They keep the place open between lunch & dinner, you have your run of the place with a dozen gorgeous gals at your beck & call, you can plug in your laptop and steal the electricity, and it actually ends up being economical as a late lunch. Of course I know that is not the target market, just saying it works is all.

    As far as the dentist: How cool is my girlfriend? She's been trying to get me to go to the dentist and when she saw this the first question she asked was, "is that local?" No can do. If it was local, would it work? wouldn't want to bet against it.

    You beat me to the punch. I figured this would be bloggable, after someone complained, and then I was going to blog the person doing the complaining. The world must be wising up because I'm still waiting.

  12. Heh! Maybe I need to take a trip to Germany for some dental work. Just because.

    Re: Hooters. Doesn't do anything for me, either. Of course, I'm not particularly attracted to women who are the same age as my daughters.

  13. Heh! Reminds me of way back when I had my wisdom teeth pulled at Williams AFB AZ; the female Capt was training some dental techs from a school in Phoenix, all good looking young ladies. When one of the students couldn't see what was going on, she joked that she could sit on my lap for a better view. The Doc (very pretty Capt) said, and I quote, "No, we never sit on a patients lap or his face no matter how much he begs." I almost fell out of the damn chair!

    Just my luck too, all numbed up and drooling I couldn't even ask any of the young ladies out!

    Of course, this was long before all the PC guidance in the military.

  14. What Andy said! MY Air Force was kinda like that...

    Morgan: Are ya sayin' Hooters is like pole-dancing without the pole? As employment opportunity, of course.

    Of course, I'm not particularly attracted to women who are the same age as my daughters.

    Or grand-daughters, in my case.


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