Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some Days You Get the Bear Pour...

... and some days the pour gets you.  Today my expertise abandoned me.  I over-poured at first, making a minor mess.  I cleaned up, let the head subside and then under-poured.  Oh, well... it all tastes pretty good, regardless.  But we're really into the aesthetics of beer drinkin', yanno?  Coz we all like great head.

Today's cigar is a Gurkha X-Fuerte... a remarkable lil stick that pleases the palette.  A lot.  The dude who wrote the linked review didn't much like it but he closed with "If you are a person that enjoys a big and strong Maduro, you might find this stick to be right up your alley."  Yup.  That would be me!


  1. Coz we all like great head. That's ok Buck, it's a guy thang. ;)

    wv: linga rather bizarre, no?

  2. Buck, it's a guy thang. ;)

    No it's NOT! I've yet to meet the woman who didn't like a sly guy who knows more than a few dialects. Although there are some who prefer women language experts... ;-)


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