Friday, January 21, 2011

Sigh. Heavy Sigh.

Blog-Bud Alison... in comments to a post below:
Beautiful day today and purple Winter twilight.

Every time the no 8 bus passes the Bank of England and I see this amazing cigar shop I think of you.
It's about 2145 hrs in London right now.  Given this is a Friday night we would have looked a lot like this 30 (and 29, and 28) years ago:

That pic was taken in some now-forgotten pub during the Great UK Christmas tour of '90/'91.  That's YrHmblScrb, The Second Mrs. Pennington, and SN1... doin' what we do best.  And I would be doin' exactly as above right this very moment, were I still in Ol' Blighty.  Alas, we shall have to be content with our beer and solitude here on The High Plains of New Mexico.  There IS a consolation, though... one of the KR CDs I recently ordered arrived today, so our Happy Hour Soundtrack is simply brilliant, if not nostalgic to the freakin' MAX.  Sigh. 


  1. I have to laugh because I used to take pictures of events. Someone mentioned to me years later, hey, you aren't in any of the pictures!

    1. Duh, I was taking them.
    2. Thank God, as I was still wearing black T-Shirts and sandals...

  2. That tour was one of, if not the best, vacations I ever took! Great companions make for great times!


  3. I can feel the burn of the cigarette smoke in the air. Yuck.

    You are a lucky guy.

  4. Thank God, as I was still wearing black T-Shirts...

    Damn. I STILL wear black tees, usually with some snappy patter emblazoned on the front. I'm screwed. ;-)

    Buck: I second that.

    Darryl: Well, I smoked ciggies at the time, so I loved it. To each his own.

  5. Great photo! LOL. I miss smokers in our pubs :(

  6. I'm thinkin' the publicans do, too, A.


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