Friday, November 26, 2010

We're Not Off to a Good Start Today

I was awakened before daybreak this morning when the power went off... which is cause for setting off various alarms when the power returns, which, in turn, requires me to roll out and hit the reset button on the propane system, my oxygen machine, yadda, yadda.  I returned to the rack since I wasn't sufficiently beautiful yet and we DO require at least six hours of (ahem) beauty sleep.  I'd just dropped back off when the gotdamned power went off AGAIN.  So... up, reset, etc.  Only this time I fired off the coffee pot and stayed up.

We've had three... count 'em: THREE... more bumps since then, each lasting no longer than 30 seconds, or just long enough to kill everything that lives and breathes electrons AND my normally easy-going nature.  The thought of a sustained power outage when it's 18 degrees outside isn't exactly comforting, yanno?


  1. I was wondering why my clock was blinking this morning! Never affected me at all, I got my six+ hours of beauty sleep, but could have used a bit more. LOL!

  2. Oh, and that is soooooooooo annoying! You end up finally getting back to sleep and then, when said alarms go off, they scare the hell out of you 'cause you've sunk right to the bottom of la-la land.

  3. I feel your, pain, buddy. Power outages are soooo dang frustrating, especially since you have so many re-sets to do. Take a cranky pill, and cross your fingers! Then maybe a nap.

    BTW -- I tried to post a comment earlier from the phone, but the veriword wouldn't show. Strange.

  4. You're just taking a beating out there, aren't you?

  5. Jenny: You're in no need of beauty sleep, Darlin'. ;-)

    Deb: Eggs-ZACTLY. I think I'd just hit that sleep sweet-spot when the beeping began again...

    Moogie: A nap is definitely in my future!

    Andy: It's a good thing I'm not paranoid by nature, coz it would be easy to think The Powers That Be are out to get me.

  6. I hate it when that happens. Sometimes the printer resets and makes all sorts of noise. Toby can sleep right through it.

    Last night when we got home from WF, the heat was off - pilot light out. The house was cooooold - had to play Dr. Zhivago and snuggle under the covers.

  7. Might be time for some engineering. Can your propane pilot AC, and oxy machine maybe plug into a computer UPS?

    I bought one of those Honda generators (with button start, no rope pulling for this fat boy). They are pretty danged quiet, but don't supply many KVA. Anyway, when the power fails, I start-up the Honda, pop the mains circuit breaker, the oven, fridge, etc, and only leave the furnace and the bedroom circuit breaker on.

    Then plug the Honda 220 into a socket in my garage. Voila, I have heat, hot water, and lights and TV in the bedroom.

    When we lose power here, it is usually a good 3 hours before it is back. The little woman runs out of heat way before then...

  8. As we say in the Submarine Force, "Bummer Zulu."

    Hope the grid stabilizes.

  9. Lou: If your wx was anything like ours you're lucky your pipes didn't freeze. Last night was our coldest so far this year.

    Anon: A garage is key to your solution. I'd have to build a secure doghouse or something like that, otherwise a genset would get up and walk away when I wasn't looking. Not to mention protection from rain, snow, yadaa, yadda.

    BR: We never had another bump after I published this morning. Blogger majik!

  10. Hope the rest of the day was OK and quiet Buck.

  11. One of those OH SHIT days? Sounds like it.
    And it is at a balmy 20 here in SE Kern County at this moment.

  12. Buck,

    "The powers that be are out to get me."

    Maybe you shouldn't have published that Onion piece. The big O might have put Sec. Neapolitan on your case.

  13. Kris: Friday was a pretty good day, after all.

    Glenn: I feel for ya, Bud.

    Dan: Ya know what? There really ARE black helicopters in my neighborhood. I see 'em on the ramp at Cannon from time to time. ;-)


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