Saturday, November 27, 2010

You've Got Mail!

Occasional Reader Rob sent along a link to The Onion last evening with a subject line saying something about them getting their mojo back, and I agree.  The mojo IS back.  Here are the intro grafs from one of their latest pieces, in case ya missed it:
WASHINGTON—Having admittedly "reached the end of [his] rope," President Barack Obama sent a rambling 75,000-word e-mail to the entire nation Wednesday, revealing deep frustrations with America's political culture, his presidency, U.S. citizens, and himself.

The e-mail, which was titled "A couple things," addressed countless topics in a dense, stream-of-consciousness rant that often went on for hundreds of words without any punctuation or paragraph breaks. Throughout, the president expressed his aggravation on subjects as disparate as the war in Afghanistan, the sluggish economic recovery, his live-in mother-in-law, China's undervalued currency, Boston's Logan Airport, and tort reform.

According to its timestamp, the e-mail was sent at 4:26 a.m.
The piece itself is pretty danged funny, but I think the accompanying graphic is just too cool.  Someone put a lot of thought into that... including the fact that Wen Jiabo apparently isn't available to chat.  Heh.  Click for larger, of course.

And now it's Big Blue and those doofuses from Columbus.  I know the outcome prolly won't please me, but there's always hope.


  1. No, man....

    Daily reader. Portales is one of the first places I visit every morning.

    Nothing like keeping up with somebody who's been somewhere, and is still going and looking for the next thing.

    It's been a slice.

  2. Thanks, Rob. You make this Ol' Fart blush and that ain't easy to do.

    Back atcha, too. You've been places I only WISH I could have gone.

  3. I don't follow American politics too much, other than the editorials in the local papers (seems to be at least one per week) or what one of my email buddies sends me, but it sounds like your esteemed leader is losing his marbles. Isn't there some kind of ruling that says if he becomes incompacitated (sp?) the Veep steps in? (course they should have done that with George W.)
    It really made me laugh out loud though! Thanks Buck!
    Like Rob, I too, stop by daily. You're definitely a 'must read'.

  4. Crap! That should have been incapacitaed not incompacitated. Freudian slip? Thinking incompetent while trying to spell incapacitated?
    And that hot on the heels of my spelling rant the other day!!

  5. Buck, I like the Onion and the idea of this piece is great: a 75,000 word rambling email from an obviously batshit Obama! But the graphic, which looks great as you say, does make his arguments a bit too sympathetic for me. But that's just old unsubtle me. I like my satire a bit more in the hammer mode. They had him down in the news report and could've knocked him out with the graphic.

  6. The Onion is among my faves. Unfortunately, I often don't take the opportunity to read the whole thing. Thanks for this one -- it's so PrezO.

  7. Buck, I just recently added the Onion's feed back on my reader. They are getting their groove back, for sure.

    Great concept.

    Hey man, was I EVER happy with a ND win...for the first time in a long time! Congrats on a very good Irish season, all things considered!

    As for Big Blue...well...buzzsaw. Man, were it not for that hiccup in Madison, I'm pretty sure we'd be seeing the Buckeyes, and the 'Barn in the finale.

  8. Deb: Our presidential lines of succession are pretty clear EXCEPT in cases of mental illness or outright derangement. The latter is sometimes in the eye of the beholder, though. ;-)

    Thanks for the kind words... and don't worry about the typo. We ALL make those!

    Dan: I'm more of a fan of subtlety in my satire... so that Onion piece hit my sweet spot.

    Moogie: Yeah, I'm like you in that I don't go to their site on a daily basis, it's more of a hit 'n' miss thing with me.

    Andy: Heh. You're too kind. I didn't get to watch ND beat SC and more's the pity. The game was on ABC, as you might well know, and my local affiliate decided its audience was more interested in watching a buncha Okies playing in someplace where the water doesn't move. That said, those same Okies DID put on a very good show... the fourth quarter being a sight seldom seen.

    Sorry about your Tigers. Really. I tried to remain neutral, what with you and Moogie bein' on opposite sides and all, and I think I did a pretty good job of it. I had no dog in that fight. As I said at Moogie's place... the Ark-LSU game was the second best game I watched yesterday, the first being the Iron Bowl game.

  9. Thanks for the sympathies on the LSU loss. But, all things considered I could not be more proud of my Tigers. 10-2 in the toughest division of a premiere conference...and a schedule against now 9 bowl-eligible teams. What can I say?

    Even the most optimistic of LSU fans pre-season were expecting no better than a 9-3 (at the outside...I was in the 7-5 camp btw).

    Besides all that, the loss against Arkansas is about the highlight of the last four days around here. Serious turbulence with 3 of our 4 boys made this a Thanksgiving weekend to remember! Or, hopefully to FORGET!

    But, this too shall pass...

  10. Welcome home from Switzerland, Buck!

    Hope things are improving, Andy. We suffered a bump or 2 in the road, too. As much as I love it, Thanksgiving can be reall cruel to our family.

    The Tigers did, indeed, have a very fine season. Good enough to scare the daylights out of us!


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