Friday, November 26, 2010

Ya Think?


  1. I swear to God, if she is on any ballot, or made elligible for a cabinet post, I will drink antifreeze. It's either that, or move to China, where all the real dollars are.

    My second thought, is who are these people who buy these books?? I can't assume they are all retarded, so what is the curiosity they have in this, this, oh hell, all the adjectives have already been used...

  2. The firstest candidate usually does not make a big ripple in the campaign for President.

    I'm hoping Allen West puts his cover into the ring. We need a Reagan-like leader who can energize all Americans and restore the faith in the presidency.

  3. I don't think she will run for President. Could be wrong.

    I don't dislike her like ol' Anon at 6:59 does...and I've heard that "move to China" (or Europe, or whatever) deal so often that it's really lame.

    If all the Bushhaters that threatened it had done so, we wouldn't have a bumbling retarded leader (cough cough) in the White House now.

    Regardless, I don't think she'll run. At least I hope not.

  4. If some of the other potential candidates don't start making some noises pretty soon, they're going to be in some trouble in terms of perception. (I'm not talking about announcing, I'm talking about flirting with the idea.) When they finally do get their "Johnny Come Late" ass in gear, many people will say Palin has already been out there taking her lumps while the guys expect to swoop in and take the prize.

    One more thing. If she is the candidate, there would be no hesistation whatsoever on my part at pushing the button by her name. If it's a choice between her and Zero, easy as pie.

    BTW, there's a good piece about her over at neo-neocon:

    And another at the daily beast:

  5. Well said Andy... I also think our country needs a leader who can restore faith in the office of the President.

    I also firmly believe the best qualified people would not want to subject themselves or their families to the scrutiny that comes along with running for the office. The politics in this country have significantly degraded the process.

  6. Anon: Your "who buys this stuff" question is a good one. I don't know WHO buys her books but I know she sure sells a lot of 'em.

    I'm with Dan: if push came to shove I'd vote for her over Obama. I just hope it doesn't come to that.

    Andy: I hope you're right. But it's really beginning to look like she's gonna run. Hell, to my mind she's already doing so.

    Dan: I like Tunku Varadarajan, the guy who wrote the Daily Beast piece. I first read him back when he had a regular column for the WSJ. As for other GOP candidates... I sense a general void. The "usual suspects," i.e., Romney, Huckabee, Gingrich... don't do a lot for me at this point, Newt excepted. But I think Newt has too much personal baggage to be successful.

    Sam: Your point about qualified people not choosing to run is all too true. And that's sad, innit?

  7. I agree with Andy about all those smucks who cried about Bush and moving out of the country. Do it already!! I never threatened to do that while BO was running nor do I while he pilots this once great country into the toilet.

    Now, my oh my how we never get out of Campaign mode anymore. I wish for a year off of all the posturing and commentating on who is in and out. Just one lousy year is all I ask.

    For me, I'd pull the trigger for Sarah in an instant especially in view of current batch of possibilities in both parties. And for the record I am an ABM guy. Anybody But Mitt!!

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  8. Whoops... forgot ya, Darryl. I think West looks pretty good but I need to see more. He's got about the same experience level... or less... than Obama had. Not a good sign, that.

  9. Jimmy: Roger THAT on the "year off" thing!

  10. She's supposed to make a stop in NOLA on her book tour. It'll be interesting to see how the media report it.

    I'm already tired of Campaign 2012.

  11. Heh! This is pretty good...

  12. Moogie: Me and you both, re: tired.

    Andy: I've seen so danged many re-posts of that Palin Facebook thing today that I can damned near recite it by memory.

  13. Oh, okay...I just saw it the onest, but I've been pretty busy.

  14. Well, I tend to read more than a few Palinistas, so there's that.

  15. Where's Morgan?

    Shouldn't he be over here throwing an orgasm or something?

  16. What’s the word for a person who is promoted up the ladder due to their inefficiency or stupidity, etc – like teachers who can’t teach become administrators? That is kind of how I feel about politics right now.

  17. The person that gets promoted up the ladder due to their innefficiency is called a 'stump-frog' (or was it 'post-frog', I can't recall). He doesn't know what he's doing there or how the hell he ended up getting there in the first place.

  18. Thanks Bartco Sin Vela. I knew it was sumpin' like that.

  19. Bag: In the military we used to call it "Promoted to their highest level of incompetence."

    We used to run bets on who the next squadron commander would be. I always won a lot of money, because I always picked the guy/gal who could not air refuel or land the jet without an even mediocre second lieutenant there to cover his/her ass.

    Anyway, I like the ring of that definition.

    Right now, I'm thinking Palin and Mitt couldn't land a gravity bomb, thus are prime for the job...

  20. Yeah, the ol' Arkie Bubba Clinton must have used that one a thousand times.

    "Down home, we say that if you find a turtle on a post, there's a good chance it didn't get there by itself."

    Here's one.

  21. I can't BELIEVE I'm late to my own party. But I am. Thanks for stepping up, Andy and Darryl. I hate to say this after the fact, but I knew that.

    Daph: I think Morgan doesn't wanna play in this space today. We had a call and response e-mail war Wednesday night on this subject.

    Lou and Deb: You sure kicked off a discussion!

    Bag: In the military we used to call it "Promoted to their highest level of incompetence."

    AKA "Peter Principled." Every org I was in from the mid-70s on used that, too... both in the AF and in the civilian world.

  22. I've never heard the terms post Turtle or stump frog (heh), but I like them. I was probably thinking more like Anon or Buck. Learn sumpin' every day.

  23. Ah, and the "Dilbert Priciple" was promotion to management to prevent damage to the productive.

  24. Bob: That must have been why I made it into management.

  25. I think Morgan doesn't wanna play in this space today. We had a call and response e-mail war Wednesday night on this subject.

    Looks like you need to make up your mind about whether you're all done talking about a certain the meantime, you're bending the First Commandment. Yes, saying "We talk about her on that day but not this day" counts. Foul.

    When I was in third grade, some of the girls used to play rough on the playground with the boys. Some of the boys would hit back and the girls would go crying to the yard duty teacher. I see a lot of PDS people acting this way too...they get to talk their smack, but if the other side has anything to say in response it's all "oh, this is not the time, I'm not in the mood, let's agree to disagree, you're taking this way too seriously, you talk about politics too much" et cetera.

    Each one might be a legit position to itself. Doing both is out of bounds. In or out.


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