Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Seen This?


So... the next time you see a sea of brake lights in front of you on the freeway*... just remember: you're about to be hit by a shock wave.

*freeways.  I remember those!  I remember traffic jams, too.  The worst part of this past summer's vacation was transiting Hot'Lanta during rush hour in a car with a dying clutch.  Can you imagine?  Speaking of traffic jams...

I remember this sorta stuff, too, albeit not in Iraq.  Turkey is close enough, as is Thailand.  Anyone who's ever driven ANYWHERE in the Third World... and some parts of Europe (think: Italy.  And France.)...  has no right to bitch about American drivers.  Yet I still do... go figger.


And then there's this...

That would be my in-box.  Note the red banner at top which urges me to "take extra precautions" as Spyware Doctor thinks my in-box is "highly suspicious."  Do they know something I don't?  And how?


  1. I saw the worst traffic jam ever - just a sea of vehicles in Padua, Italy. I couldn't even tell which way things were suppose to flow, but I was glad to be on a big bus, 'cause the bigger vehicle has the right of way.

  2. In the words of Jim Croce - "Damn this traffic jam, damn!"

    That is interesting. One would think that the Japs could maintain a constant speed. After all, Asians are smarter than us...never forget that.

    Buck, Pam was forced to drive Atlanta at near rush hour the other day. She had planned to get further along than Augusta, but called and said, "Atlanta just took the steam out of my boiler." But, she didn't have the pleasure of a failing vehicle to deal with.

    Fortunately, she'll miss Atlanta proper today, as she's coming home a different route in order to visit our niece. Too bad, huh?

    Love the screenshot. "Suspicious." Yeah, that's the ticket.

  3. Hey Buck, speaking of traffic jams, there is a blog I read that I'm not sure you do.

    Coffee Bean had what I found to be an enjoyable post about a traffic jam she got stuck in yesterday.

  4. Lou: Italian traffic can REALLY suck, especially in the cities.

    In the words of Jim Croce - "Damn this traffic jam, damn!"

    Wasn't that James Taylor? I'm glad Pam is missing Atlanta today... they have some SERIOUS traffic there... And thanks for the link. CB does good work!

  5. Damn! It was James Taylor...

    Crud, Buck, I swear I can't remember jack these days.


  6. I don't understand. Why are you suspicious? I mean, why is your mail suspicious? There's no spam blocker?

  7. Damn! It was James Taylor...

    You KNOW we can't have any good things said about Mr. Jim in these parts. Company rules and all that. ;-)

    Kath: I doubled down in my reply to your comment on the post below.

  8. And yet there were no collisions. Wow.

    Why do people insist on honking in a situation like that? If the perosn in front could move, don't you think he would?!?

    Suspicious. Heh.

  9. And yet there were no collisions. Wow.

    I've been working on a post for YEARS now... in my head... about how a couple o' buds and I would take our morning coffee in this outdoor cafe right beside a traffic circle in Chiang Mai, Thailand. There were perhaps five streets feeding the circle and you had cars, trucks, buses, pedicabs, horse-donkey-and-ox carts, bicycles, and pedestrians ALL mixing it up. And we NEVER saw a single collision. Close calls, yeah. But never a collision. We spent hours there; the entertainment was non-stop.


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