Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One o' My Favorite Subjects

Some enlightening observations on the orgasm, male and female...

Since this is a TED lecture it's work-safe.  But I seriously doubt anyone has 17 minutes to watch a video while they're at work.  As a s'matter o' fact, most people don't spend 17 minutes on ANY video they come across while blog-surfin'.  That said, this entire vid is really funny.  And informative.  

Still and even, if'n you're one of those types who don't watch longish vids, at least hit "play" and skip to the 10:47 mark.  You'll find a hilarious segment produced by the Danish gub'mint on stimulating sows to orgasm while artificially inseminating them, all in order to increase litter size.  I kid thee not.  And you think WE waste the taxpayers' money. 


  1. A Danish five-point stimulation plan. Sounds better than what Congress came up with. The pig-stimulator -- do you suppose that would fall into the classification of a shovel-ready job?

    She is amusing -- where do you find these things?!?!

  2. ...where do you find these things?!?!

    It's all that late night surfin', Moogie. I found this at Abstruse Goose (the guy who draws that 'toon I sent ya). I read (looked at?) his ENTIRE archive last evening, and this vid was embedded in one of his posts.

  3. Oh, I don't know! No reason the Danish piggies can't have a little fun, eh?



  4. I'm ALL about fun, Pearl. No matter which species we're talkin' about. ;-)

  5. Yeah, Lou. I thought so. Funny, too.

  6. This stuff is pure gold. I watched all 17 minutes. And I want more! I'm still not satisfied!

  7. Is it just me, or does she need "Space Panties?"

    That ass is out of this world...

  8. Ok, that was laugh out loud funny. You obviously have way too uch time on your hands.

  9. You obviously have way too (m)uch time on your hands.

    That's a given, Deb. Thanks for dropping by.


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