Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hockey Funnies

From Abel to Yzerman, a Wings blog I read:
Hey, you know what’s fun? Here’s what I like to do. I like to look at Guralnick’s photos after the game and check out the crowd.  First, if you’re the parents of this redheaded kid?  Download these pictures in hi-res, frame ‘em and hang ‘em up.  Well, first you might want to send ‘em to the Flame PR guy and see if Kipper will sign them for you. I’m sure he’d be more than willing. (ed: The pics are as big as I found them.  This is just the set up for the photo below, tho.)

And hey, dude, I don’t know you. I don’t know the stage this relationship’s in.  But, if this is your first date?  Move on.  Seriously. Look at her. She’s not counting the banners up there buddy.  She’s bored.  If you’re married? I get it. I’ve seen that look, but that was before I, you know, upgraded.  But if you’re still in the “wonder if this is the one” phase?  Yeah, ummm.  When the playoffs roll around, is this the woman who’s going to understand why you HAVE TO WATCH THE WINGS every other night for two months straight?

I didn’t think so.  Thank me later.
Click for larger, of course.  The last bit really cracks me up.  I have to hand it to The Second Mrs. Pennington, tho.  While she wasn't a Wings fan she didn't mind if I was.  And she even drove to the bar to pick me up one memorable night in June of 1997.  It sure got drunk out that night.


  1. I love people watchin', but it seems like it would be hard to do at a hockey game with all the action and very little downtime on the ice. Thank goodness for the still shots that you can peruse later.

  2. Yeah, Lou... you don't go to a hockey game to watch people, unless it's at intermission. Like IwoCPO, I always "crowd watch" the pics after a game. I'm amazed sometimes at how a lot of folks AREN'T watching the action... or at least that's how it appears.

  3. One of my former co-workers went to a game with a friend of the female variety while his so-called girlfriend was in Phoenix. Guess who got caught on the 'kissing cam'? Turned out both other parties were watching the game on TV and cell phones started ringing with the minute. HA! Guess it's not just maybe or maybe not girlfriend that are people watching.

  4. Heh. I'm thinkin' that had to be The Mom of All Embarrassing Moments!

  5. Great pics. Lucky for me, Joyce likes baseball. Most of the time.

    BTW, the Preds are something like 9-7-3. One of those in the loss column was a defeat at the hands of the Red Wings in October. The Preds don't play them again until February 5. I'm thinking I might actually watch a complete game that night. See if we can avenge the earlier loss. Order some takeout wings to eat while I watch the game, you know, get in the spirit of the thing. Good luck to your Wings until then.

  6. I don't think the Preds are gonna make the playoffs this year, Dan. Not unless they experience one hell of a turnaround. The competition in the Central Division is just too stiff. Still and even... watch 'em! Hockey needs all the fans we can get!


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