Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Don't Like the Looks of This

Specifically tomorrow's forecast, the rest of the week is bearable but only just.  We'll have a new record low if things come to pass as the NWS predicts.  Note the history for this date:

Aiiieee.  RVs ain't the warmest place to be when the mercury dips down into the Stupid Cold zone.  Yet I've survived worse since I've been living in El Casa Móvil De Pennington... meaning just slightly below zero degrees Fahrenheit... so we'll hang in.  That doesn't mean I have to LIKE it, though.


  1. Stay warm Buck and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Looks like you'd better dig out your long underwear (if you can find them).

  3. I know exactly where the long underwear is, Deb. The mystery is why I saved it seeing as how it only gets used about twice a year, if that. ;-)

  4. I feel your pain, Buck! Been colder than a well diggers ass up here. I'm sure that residing in an RV makes it worse, however.

    Hunker down, my friend.

  5. Have a great Thanksgiving, Buck. They're predicting 31 here in Middle TN, with a chance of snow. Guess we'll throw a log on the virtual fire, and, like you, hang in there.

  6. Keep your brass monkeys inside and be sure to top off the Pennington radiator with plenty of anti-freeze. Something in the 80 proof range should do nicely.

  7. ZOMG! I just checked our forecast here in North's high is 81, tomorrow's high is 44!
    That's a huge dip, obviously. And this trailer is pretty much uninsulated. *sigh* Time to layer up again. It just seems messed up that I have to run the A/C today and the space heater tomorrow.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I was killing chickens for the big meal tomorrow, and I always do this in my long-johns. I have to wear my pistol and holster on my hip because the danged copperhead snakes are fierce this year.

    So this is quite a site for my neighbors up on the hill.

    I wish copperheads were good eating, but even my cat coughs when I put some in her bowl. She just kind of shakes her ears, looks at me and says "meow!" I know damned well she is calling me an asshole, but the little pink nose is just like all females.

    They look sweet when they are just thinking about how to off you.

    Well anyway, make sure ya put some antifreeze in the block, and start the danged thing ever once in a while.

    Shake a leg...

  9. Time to start happy hour early and bust out the Snuggie! Happy Thanksgiving, Buck!

  10. BR and Dan: Well, your wx is pretty seasonal, ain't it? Still and even, cold ain't fun.

    Christina: You get our wx about four or five hours after it rolls through these parts.

    Anon1: Yep, the brass monkeys are secure!

    Anon2: That's quite a mental image you conjured up for me, yanno?

    Moogie: You KNOW I did just that. Well, except for the Snuggie.


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