Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fall Fell

Remember last week, Gentle Reader, when I told ya about how Fall usually happens here on The High Plains Of New Mexico?  Well... it happened last night:

A longish view.

See all those GREEN leaves?  They ALL dropped overnight.  Ya thought I was funnin', dint ya?


  1. Wow!! It must be kinda nice to get it all over with at once. Or a little spooky.

  2. I always thought it was more than jes a lil bit spooky, Moogie. Unnatural, even!

  3. You must have sprites messing with you! LOL

  4. That is the way it went here in OK too. The leaves took forever to turn yellow and then the next day they were gone. Could be the wind we get here.

  5. Cynthia! Long time no see, Girl!

    Lou: Well, if the wind has anything to do with it then that explains why things are as they are on THPoNM. I've NEVER lived in windier place, ever.


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