Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's Pew Poll Quiz Time... Again

I love these things, prolly coz I have no life... defined as spending waaay too much time in the innertubes...  and as a result I'm able to score fairly well on the quizzes.  The latest Pew Poll is focused on political news and you can take it here.

My results: perfect.  I didn't guess on a single question.

An overview of response demographics.  Detailed demographics are here.  Don't cheat!

I'd be interested in your results, Gentle Reader, if you decide to take the quiz.  Here's the last post we did on the Pew Poll and quite a few of you had perfect scores.  I was... and still am... impressed.


  1. 77%. Guess I'm a dunce. Or maybe I'm just running low on give a s**t.

  2. CRAP! I missed one, but understand from the results that I did better than 98% of the public.

    I just guessed on the percentage of Federal spending. I guessed "interest on the national debt," and it was military spending instead.

    I just figgered if we owe 50 gozillion bucks, it had to be tops on the list.


  3. I missed three and that means I did better than 86% of the country.

    It is to weep.

  4. Or maybe I'm just running low on give a s**t.

    I'd go with that. ;-)

    Andy: I hope we never get to the point where interest on the debt is our largest expenditure. But we're headed that way!

    Kris: I was sorely tempted when I posted this to rant about repealing the 26th Amendment. And implementing a literacy test.

  5. Same as Kris - 9 of 12. Must be something in the water here in New England.

  6. Or mebbe it's BR Syndrome. ;-)


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