Thursday, November 18, 2010

Teh Stoopid. And Teh Not-So-Stoopid.

Let's do the dumb shit first:

I'm thinkin' this is for people with waaay too much money.  But I might could be wrong.

Speaking of too much money...

I've said this before: WANT.  It's just too bad I don't have an extra $63,456.00 - $71,675.00 laying about.  (sigh)


  1. The modern Caddys are pretty cool, but I guess I'm just too much of a "if it doesn't have breaker points and a carb it is too new for me" kind of guy.

    Aww, who am I kidding? I'm also way too POOR to be considering a car like that!

  2. I'm hoping to get The Oracle an iPad for Christmas.

    We aren't in the market for a Caddy; if I had that kind of money it would be for this.


  3. Nice.... I'm not even sure I have enough $ to look at that one thru the showroom window.

  4. It seems that Gubmint Motors has received enough tax dollars from your faithful readers that were we to all elect to donate it towards the purchase of said car, you'd be riding in style tomorrow, my friend.

    Just sayin'.

  5. Kris has the right idea, wrt to the car.

    Although, I think a King Ranch F-450 my be more my cup of tea.

  6. Inno: I HEAR ya on the "too poor" bits!

    Kris: You could buy two CTS-Vs (or a ZR-1, with money left over for consumables, like tires) for the price of that old live-axle platform Furd. The last being its chief drawback, i.e., Fix Or Repair, Daily. I hear Furd actually acknowledged the 21st century with the NEW Mustang, putting an independent rear suspension on it. Finally. ;-)

    Staci: You and me both.

  7. BR: You have NO ideer how close you just came to Moderator Hell. ;-)

  8. Egad. SOme folkls have more dollars than sense.

  9. Buck, I thought that might get your goat. But it was just too rich to pass up the opportunity. ;)

  10. A Caddy ain't my cup of tea.

  11. Buck - the link I provided was to the 2008 version of the Shelby - could have been had for the high $50s on special order.

    The older Shelbys - well those are in the 6 figures these days. The 1966 is around $250K and the 1967 GT500 is around $175K.

    It's all outta my league and it is fun to dream.

  12. I chased up your link, Kris... and quite a few others that followed, as well. And I'm aware of the value of the cars these days, what with watching Barrett-Jackson and other such auctions. It IS fun to dream about cars... I do it all the time.


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