Friday, October 29, 2010

Production and the Lack of Same

I glanced at my sidebar this morning and saw we're on a pace to exceed last year's production in the blogging department.  Last year we put up a record 698 posts about little or nothing... which makes one wonder how any one person could say so much about so little, so much so that I'm reminded of one of my favorite sayin's... "My, but I DO go on!"  We still have 63 days left this year and we've already put up 649 items of little or no interest, not including this piece o' drivel.

I'm thinkin' I need a life.  My surroundings are tellin' me that too, as El Casa Móvil De Pennington is in desperate need of a field day.  There used to be a time when I prided myself on my ability to keep clutter at bay, when "a place for everything and everything in its place" was more than just a tired ol' cliché.  These days I'm up to my ass in empty Amazon shipping boxes, old cigar boxes, stacks of magazines, and various and sundry other detritus, flotsam, and jetsam.

I'll reiterate what I've mentioned quite often in the past:  we are in need of some serious nagging.  The big stuff always gets done; it's the little shit that's killing me.  

Yeah, I know:  bitch, bitch, bitch.  Beer me!


  1. Autumn and Spring always make me want to clean. I don't know why, except that I grew up watching my Mom (and both of my Grandmothers, and a whole host of other amazing women) do these whole-house, full-bore cleaning jobs. Every Spring - when you "opened" the house for the warmer weather, and then again in the Fall, when the house was "closed" for the colder weather to come.

    It's stuck with me, and now when the leaves begin to fall, or the buds begin to bloom, I do the same things that my Mother, and her mother and all of those other amazing women used to do. Scrubbing, and washing, and cleaning, oh my.

    Beer me, too!

  2. Since your living quarters are "compact", shame on you for allowing ANY clutter or detritus.

    What, it's too far to reach to pick up something and put it in the wastebasket??

    And then to take the trash out is how far?
    This is a definite nag, nag, nag!!

    Pick it up, clean it up, do it NOW!

    (I will now return to my usual charming self!! :)

  3. Thimbelle: A woman such as yourself is what's lacking in my life.

    Kath: It's a fur piece to the dumpsters. I COULD cut through the neighbors' yards to walk my trash over there, but I don't wanna invade others' privacy. So I drive the trash over there when I'm on my way out somewhere.

    Now, all THAT said... trash is nefarious, especially boxes. Garbage is taken out regularly, trash... different in all sorts o' ways... is quite a different story. And I didn't even begin to mention stuff like photo albums, CDs in tottering stacks, and paid bills (which I keep as a matter of record). You wanna volunteer to help? C'mon DOWN! Free beer!

  4. Come on Buck, hop to it. Just stir your stumps, walk over to the trash and show it whose boss!

    There, my nagging work here is done for tonite.

  5. Thanks, Kris... I needed that! ;-)

  6. You had your chance to git rid of cigar boxes.

  7. Heh. You might be sorry you said that.

  8. Welcome to my world.

    And, Thimbelle, a woman such as yourself is what's lacking in my life, too.

    Git 'er done, Buck. You're burning daylight!

    Wine me.

  9. And, Thimbelle, a woman such as yourself is what's lacking in my life, too.

    Heh. We made a dent in things today, Moogie. Thought you'd wanna know. ;-)


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