Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Better late than never, as they say...

Happy Father's Day

Today is the day we celebrate the Ol' Man, Dad, Pop, or whatever name you apply to your father. He’s the guy who is our earliest impression of what it means to be a man... and the guy who is primarily responsible for molding boys into men. Here's my role model:
Dad in his Army Air Corps lieutenant's uniform, me, and Mom... c.1949.

The Wiki has an interesting article on Father's Day... including the proper spelling as opposed to common usage... which includes this lil bit:

Where Mother's Day was met with enthusiasm, Father's Day was met with laughter. The holiday was gathering attention slowly, but for the wrong reasons. It was the target of much satire, parody and derision, including jokes from the local newspaper Spokesman-Review. Many people saw it as just the first step in filling the calendar with mindless promotions like "Grandparents' Day", "Professional Secretaries' Day", etc., all the way down to "National Clean Your Desk Day."

Heh. That describes the earliest time period when a movement was on to make Father’s Day a national holiday… or during the very early part of the 20th century. I think it’s interesting to note that all those ersatz holidays actually have a day named for the occasion now… even though they may not be officially recognized holidays.

But anyhoo: call yer Ol’ Man.
So... Holding with our tradition here at EIP we have recycled last year's post on the subject.  It occurred to me that I'm Green in at least this one regard... we do NOT send old blog-posts off to the landfill or otherwise harm our ecosystem, beyond actually publishing this pixelated fertilizer.  Blog posts have a half-life of at least 5,000 years, yanno?  Coz the inner-nets are forever.  Or so I'm told.

It slipped my mind that today is Father's Day until I rolled out of bed and read a note wishing me a Happy Day.  My Bad.  As for the reason there's this apparent lag between rolling out of bed and making amends?  Not as much a lag as normal people would assume... 15 minutes, is all.  It was another episode of "Up All Night," in that we didn't retire this morning until sometime after 0715 hours.  I do it because I can.  But this sorta thing has its downside:  my day is well and truly blown.


  1. It is interesting how your SN2 really takes after your father. Genes be traveling in their own way.

    Have a great Father's day.

  2. Thanks for the sentiment, Darryl, but there's no genetic connection. My step-father adopted me, so I bear his name rather than my biological father's. Which doesn't make the man any less my father... as we know the term.

  3. Is that a lil' cowboys and indians short? Awww. :)

    (I would totally be agreeing with Mr. Barco, by the way.)

  4. Is that a lil' cowboys and indians short? Awww. :)

    Could be... but I think it's just horsies. And mebbe a cactus or three. I was BIG into cowboys at that age.

    You and Darryl aren't first to make those sorta observations, Kath. It was much worse when the Ol' Man was still alive and the boys were in his company as kids. We got a lot of that.

  5. And if I had half a brain I could spell s h i r t.

    But the horsies are still cute!

  6. Such a little cutie pie! I think it was required by law in the wayback to be into cowboys and indians. Today, it's cowboys and other cowoys. I think progress has imploded.

    Happy Pop's Day to you and yours!

    w/v: unympha. I don't think I want to know!

  7. Okay Buck, I read your post in my Reader, and was just going to send you an e-mail instead of commenting openly. But, I decided to click through and read the comments. Now, I can comment openly, because I obviously ain't the ONLY one.

    Before I get to my main purnt, the Green blogger tack you've taken, and the "pixilated fertilizer" phrase made me chuckle, and then stand and applaud. Excellent work!

    I have seen two or three photos of your sons since I've been visiting the old exile. I always thought, "Man, those boys MUST look an awful lot like their Mom." No offense intended here, but I didn't really see any physical resemblance in you and your sons.

    I'm sure it's there, and photos don't do any of us the justice of "face to face" knowing.

    But, when I saw this photo of your Dad in my Google Reader, I thought, "Aaaaaahhhhh...those boys take after their Grandpa!" That explains it! That is not unusual at all. I look nothing like my Father, but bear a striking resemblance to his Father.

    So, after clicking in to read the comments, I find that I'm not the only one that thought the same thing. It is really something to genetic connection.


    Regardless...he was certainly a handsome were a cute little tyke...and your Mom was a BABE! (But, I think I've mentioned that before.)

  8. What a great picture Buck!! Happy Father's day to you and your boys!

  9. Happy Father's Day Buck~ Good to see you are still up and running on the blog... recycled or not... :)

  10. Today, it's cowboys and other cowboys. I think progress has imploded.

    Yup. Yet another manifestation of political-correctness run amok. If I remember correctly... and I DO... one could buy all sorts Indian playtime paraphernalia, including tomahawks, feathered head-dresses, and the like. Kids were equal-opportunity in their play habits, routinely switching sides in our play wars. I owned lots of Indian stuff in addition to my six guns and hats. But these days? Noooo. I could rant on, but I won't. You're welcome. ;-)

    ...made me chuckle, and then stand and applaud. Excellent work!

    You certainly know the way to a blogger's heart, dontcha? As far as the paternal resemblance among the adult kids: it's there. Believe me. More so in action than in visage, tho. But yeah: they do take after Mom. Genetics are what they are, and the blonde, blue-eyed genes are recessive.

    KC and Alison: Thank ya, Ladies! And it's good to see ya back in these parts, Alison. It's been a while!

  11. Happy father's day to you, Buck! Hope you spent the day doing whatever you wanted to do, as it should!

  12. Happy Father's Day. I had the same thoughts as the others - not realizing that this was your step-father. We had the same thing happen with Toby's step-father - people commented on how Toby looked like him.

  13. Love that photo, Buck. You're so damn wide-eyed and looking as though everything in the world is worth seeing.

    Had you started drinking coffee yet?

  14. Hey Suldog...I don't think he'd started drinking coffee at that age. But, I'm pretty sure he'd already started drinking beer.

    Just sayin'...

  15. I don't think he'd started drinking coffee at that age. But, I'm pretty sure he'd already started drinking beer.

    Both. NEVER too early.

  16. And thanks, Jenny and Lou. Most appreciated!


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