Sunday, June 20, 2010

All Eyes On the Skies

That's the drill in these parts during After Dinner Whiskey Hour, at least where YrHmblScrb is concerned.  Herewith four of the 64 shots we took as we watched the sun sink below the horizon not a half hour ago.  As always and ever: click to embiggen.

More of my favorite type of cloud... mammatus.  These are embryonic, at best.

A longer view of the above and a testimonial for underground utilities, if ever there was one.

This illustrates where the dry line was positioned this evening.  This view is looking to the NNW of P-Ville.  If you chase the link and look at the graphic in the right sidebar you'll note the entire state of New Mexico is west of the "Idealized depiction of where a dryline is located around an extratropical cyclone."  While that's usually our normal weather pattern it's not been the case of late, as the dry line has been well to the west of the NM - TX state line.  We've had more than our share of thunderstorms this Spring as a result.

Yet another view of the dry line at sunset.  We may not have beautiful craggy mountains in this part of the world, nor verdant forests, nor rocky seascapes.  But I'll put our skies up against anyone's... any time.  And that includes Montana.  I've been there, done that, and have more than a few of those Big Sky tee shirts.


  1. NM does take first place in great skies. I bet the farmers are loving the rain.

  2. Those are some pretty impressively threatening clouds. Yowza!

  3. Geez, I was having flashbacks to the Wizard of Oz!! Those clouds are scary -- and you have them a lot??? Wow.

  4. Lou: I'm thinkin' EVERYONE is lovin' the rain. Even Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park is mroe beautiful... i.e., green... with all the rain.

    Kris and Kath: These clouds aren't really all that threatening... I've posted some much scarier stuff in the past. But then again, mebbe it's a case of "you hadda be there" (here).


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