Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mebbe Not

(Alternative title:  After Dinner Whiskey Hour Music.)  We were driven in from the Great Outdoors some time ago by a passing thunderstorm and its associated pelting rain... not to mention God's Own Light Show, which was (and still is) pretty intense.  Things were pretty fine up until the rain moved in... which is to say we were enjoying a welcome cooling after the heat of our day, said heat being oppressive indeed.  This is a piece part of what we were listening to as we sipped our after-dinner whiskey:

And now you know what I'm on about with the post title.  Time was when the sentiments expressed in the lyrics were something I could own.  Hell, several times, if we were to take the time to count... because there have been more than a few "leavings" in our life, both on my part and hers.  It goes without sayin' it's much easier to leave than it is to be left.  Always.


  1. "Time was when..." I hear you. Like the Bob Wills tune says, "time changes everything." And I do mean everything!

  2. I love music back then. I was real music. Not what they call the crap they play today.

    PS: The ladies dancing in the background? Pop stars today have no idea that it came from way back then. They think they are being original. Music is in a sad state today.

  3. Buck - absent of a post from you on the subject, just wanted to with you a Happy Father's Day.

  4. My advice, keep sipping until you feel better. Prosit luftmann!

  5. Dan: Yep, time DOES change everything... especially us. If you're a "glass half-full" kinda guy you'll say it's for the better. I'll reserve judgment for a lil longer. ;-)

    RLM: I'm SO with you on that!

    Moogie: Yeah... back! ;-)

    Kris: Thanks. We overslept but we have made amends.

    Anon: You and my doctor... in that You both prescribed the same sorta therapy!

  6. Thankfully, our TV set went on the fritz in 1960, and we didn't get a new one until 1970.

    I say thankfully, because had I known they had $5 haircuts from my Aunt Ruby, I would have been upset...

  7. There wasn't a whole helluva lot good on teevee during that decade anyway, Anon. You didn't miss a whole helluva lot.

  8. There's this guy who was living with Bridget Bardot in the 60's (famous singer across the pond named Serge Gainsbourg), he had a song that I would never have listened to, if it wasn't for a band named Flouze who put a 1980's beat to it. Anyway... The Lyrics pretty much describe my first experience with common law marriage:

    I came to tell you I'm leaving
    And your tears can't change that
    Like Verlaine says so well "On an ill wind"

    I came to tell you I'm leaving
    You remember the old days and you cry
    You suffocate, you pale now that the time has come

    Goodbye forever

    Yes I'm unhappy
    To tell you that I'm leaving

    Yes I loved you, yes, but
    I came to tell you that I'm leaving

    Your sobbing can't change that
    Like Verlaine said so well "on an ill wind"

    I came to tell you that I'm leaving

    Woof! Sounds like it didn't go well...

  9. The lyrics to that song strike WAY too close to home. Thanks for the link!


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