Thursday, May 27, 2010

Saved, Part One

This prolly sounds-oh-so-trivial to those of you with normal lives, which is to say being in possession of your very own washer and dryer.  Read also as: NOT having to deal with laundromats.  Ever.

I shall now join your company.  Which isn't to say I figgered out a way to squeeze said big-ass appliances into El Casa Móvil De Pennington.  Nope, not that, for it would be a near impossible task and I say "near" only because we all know nothing is actually impossible.  

Just this: I found out this morning that our local dry cleanery also provides a "wash and fold" service for a mere one and half Washingtons per pound of dirty laundry.  That sounds more than reasonable to me and we dropped off our filled-to-bursting laundry bag on their premises about 20 minutes ago.  We shall be rewarded with packages of freshly laundered Levis, tee shirts, towels and the like on the morrow... and for a mere pittance of a fee.  Which we'll gladly pay so as not to spend four hours in the company of oh-so-interesting people and their oh-so-interesting offspring doing less-than-interesting things.

Ah.  Saved.  In many more ways than one.  You really have NO idea what a welcome development this is, Gentle Reader.  It kinda sorta takes me back to Former Happy Days Part II, when we dropped our laundry off each and every week with this really nice Vietnamese couple just up the street from my apartment in Beautiful-Beserkeley-By-The-Bay.


  1. Oh how I can totally relate to this post Buck!! Having just spent the majority of the last 1.5 yrs doing laundry at the 'mats - I am BEYOND thrilled to now be able to say: in my new rental unit - I have my very own (no, not shared, own) washer and dryer. Not the mini-apt-size ones - full size.

    Something so simple... makes me so happy. I never did use the fluff-n-fold services offered in Raincouver, but then again, I wasn't entirely sure that is was clothes they were laundering.

  2. How nice that that they do that! But I think that's really for guys, don't you?

    When my dryer died this last year I didn't have to wait long for a new one -- dryers are cheap -- but I did NOT like it when I didn't have it. :(

  3. KC: Having your own, FULL-size washer and dryer is a luxury I never acknowledged until they went away. I know from whence you speak, believe me.

    Kath: Not just for guys. You'd be surprised at the number of single professional women I've known who used this kind of service. It's just one more time-consuming chore you can offload... if'n ya wanna. And I DO.

  4. I couldn't imagine going to the laundry mat with all the laundry I have to do. Two weeks pushed my limit a couple months ago when my washer died. I know I did at least 10 loads when my new one finally came in.
    Enjoy your new service!

  5. Washer/dryer in unit is one of the few criteria on the short list of criteria for places to live. (And believe me, it is VERY short...I'm not a very demanding person when it comes to where I live)

  6. Four years on the road doing the ballast trains. Laundromat run about every 8 to 10 days. And in some really "interesting" places. Like Corsicana TX, Chillicothe MO, Lamar CO, Pampa TX, Greensburg PA to name a few. The one in Granby CO was unique, sort of. The blonde in the hikers, cargo shorts and a sweat shirt was a bit "out there"

  7. You know how much I hate laundromats, but paying for someone to do my laundry - well it is like showing your dirty laundry.

    VW: "ginme" as in it is "against me" to pay for laundry service.

  8. Jenny: And I know EXACTLY why you do so much laundry, LOL!

    Mike: I hear ya, Bro. LOUD and clear.

    Glenn: Laundromats CAN be interesting if ya let 'em. And if ya find the "right" one.

    Lou: I have ZERO qualms about paying to have my laundry done. But you know that.

  9. Ahhhhh! Definitely a red-letter day in the discovery department. I've learned to do without a garbage disposal, but the washer and dryer are indeed necessities . . . unless I could find a fluff and fold nearby!

  10. Waiting anxiously to hear if the service met your specifications.

  11. Carrie and I did that for so many years, so happily, in NYC. (Hell, the laundry even picked up and delivered!)

    Now we live in a house with washer and dryer. Which reminds me - I have to do laundry, dammit!


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