Thursday, May 27, 2010


Picked this up via a Tweet from Lileks...

Ah.  Doesn't it make ya wish for days gone by?  When good people were free to drink and smoke on teevee (as opposed to only the bad guys) and there were flat-out hotties around like Ms. Rigg?  I mean hotties in that sophisticated and oh-so-stylish sense, of course.  These days one tends to equate female hotness on the tube (but not in Real-Life) with bein' slutty... more or less... or is that just me?


  1. When the Netflix envelopes are out and I haven't been able to get my sweetheart to sit down and run through that queue...and I see a great big ol' wad of crappy sci-fi at the top that was put there by my fine self...I rely very often on Steed and Peel to bail my ass out. So we're pretty much up to our earlobes in The Avengers here. She likes it, and I see it very much the same way as good clean stupid fun.

    Women. You can't get 'em to edit the queue, or even sit down to help you do it, but they love to bitch up a storm when those red envelopes show up in the mail and your ass is grass.

    God bless The Avengers. Gets me out of trouble just like X-Files, but not nearly as annoying. And let us favorably recognize whoever had the bright idea to hire Diana Rigg.

  2. Buck, Great flashback there. We loved the Avengers back in the day. The disastrous film remake in the late 90's illustrates how today's film/tv creators have no clue about what makes something like that work. "Class" is incomprehensible to them. Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman as Steed and Emma Peel? No way.

  3. Avengers? What's that? Do you mean the Dodge Avenger? Must be before my time... suddenly I feel very young.

    WV: proons (something I don't need)

  4. Hey, I remember (as in saw somewhere) them! Maybe because of when the "remake" came out. But who likes Uma Thurman anyway? She's creepy.

  5. Ah, Morgan. You have my sympathy. Sorta, bein' as how I just don't DO movies. It's kinda hard for me to relate, yanno?

    Dan: I'm with ya. I never missed a show, back in the day.

    KC: Waaay before your time, you puppy, you! ;-)

    Kath: As a non-movie person I don't think I've ever seen Ms. Thurman and you lead me to believe that's a good thing.

  6. Ahhhh...Emma Peel.

    Bitchin' "Go-Go boots!!!"

    As to the current "hot females" on television...I don't watch much television. But, I do watch Barnaby Jones reruns.

  7. MissBirdlegs in AL27 May, 2010 18:02

    Oh, that took me back! We loved that show! I don't know anyone's name on TV or the movies these days. Don't think I'm missing too much... ;-)

  8. Oh don't get me wrong, she's a lovely gal. But still a gal. You know, they put in these long hard days at work...which the Good Lord didn't design 'em for in the first place...and if it's a shitty day for her, and she sees a big stack of red envelopes and tears them open and they're all "Rockford Files" and "Ichi The Killer" -- it puts any ol' lady in the kind of mood, like, the world's out to get her. And you know how things go from there. Not going to work out for her fella.

    Dapper Dan, what YOU said about the Avengers movie. Blegh. Sean Connery is a brilliant actor and he almost saved it. Almost.

    Great actors have their limitations.

  9. Thanks for the flashback. That was not something my family watched on a regular basis (must have come on during the same time slot as Bonanza or Gunsmoke). I love the way Riggs swoops her hair back from her face before pointing her gun - very sexy. But then I'm more of a Miss Kitty.

  10. Buck - Uma has her moments. Very few, but ultimately she is the kind of actor that never lets you forget she is acting. Just not very good at it.

    Lileks must be just about the single biggest source of nostalgic cool on the internet. All of his little matchbook and motel and postcard sides streets are great. He's become one of my few true daily reads.

    WV: weddi = Elmer Fudd, stoned.

  11. Diana Rigg was TRES sexy, indeed! She made an appearance more than one or two times in my adolescent fantasies :-)

  12. Louisiana Andy: I might start watching Barnaby Jones re-runs, too.

    Katy: re: Don't think I'm missing too much... ;-) We're in exactly the same boat. EXACTLY.

    Morgan: re: Oh don't get me wrong, she's a lovely gal. I wasn't speaking about your Squeeze, Morgan. I meant I can't relate to MOVIES. They're all crap, in my humble. I know what Netflix is as a cultural phenomenon but I've never touched a Red Envelope, nor will I. I've been in a theatre exactly twice in the last ten years, once to see "Miracle" (wanna guess why?) and once to see some Nicholson farce, after which I regretted spending the money.

    Lou: The conflict you mention is certainly possible. And I see a LOT of Miss Kitty in you.

    Seattle Andy: I think Lileks is a National Treasure. He was one of the first bloggers I ever read.

    Jim: Rigg made a few appearances in my Young Adult fanatsies, LOL.

  13. I always wanted to be Mrs. Peel when I grew up. Still do!

  14. A worthy ambition, Moogie. MOST worthy.


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