Saturday, May 22, 2010

Broadening Our Horizons XIII

It's an indoor Happy Hour today... and the reason why is at right.  It's miserable outdoors; we've been out and about a couple of times today but only briefly and mostly to move the sprinkler to a different area of the lawn weeds.  Our shades are drawn tight against the penetrating rays of Ol' Sol and the AC is gettin' quite the work out.  But we'll survive... thrive, even.

So... the Class VI store was out of our favorite suds when we made our beer run out to Cannon Airplane Patch a couple o' days ago... so we brought home a sixer of this stuff:

About which... it's OK.  It won't get a spot in our starting line-up, tho.  It's merely OK, not super... as the general consensus at Beer Advocate indicates.  And life is just too short to drink mediocre beer.

Our cigar this afternoon is a Casa Magna Oscuro and this stick falls into the same category as the beer:  OK, but not a starter.

Speaking of starters... our soundtrack is the roar of a disappointed but hopeful crowd at the Bell Centre in Montreal.  The Flitterers are up 2-0 with about 13 minutes left in the third period... but the Habs are goin' on the powerplay as we type.  I hope I don't have to write another damned crow post.

Back to the game...


  1. It may be that life is to short to drink mediocre beer, or it is possible that one just gets spoiled to the good stuff. Toby mentioned last night that it was hard to drink regular beer after the IPA he had while on our vacation.

  2. Buck,
    You might want to re-post that crow picture but on a bigger plate, maybe a platter. You know, just in case!! I smell feathered vermon cooking and I am all the way over in Norway!

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  3. Jimmy: Your Flyers are gonna get close this year, but not close enough. ;-)


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