Saturday, May 22, 2010

As Seen On Red Eye II (III?)

Teachers bein' cool (heh):

Didja watch the whole thing?  Me neither.  I didn't like Twisted Sister back in '84, I like this song even less now.

Update, 1400 hrs:  It seems I'm out o' step with all of you Gentle Readers.  I was holding the teachers to a higher standard.  Is all.  (Language alert)



  1. I watched it. The whole 3:46. Do I get a prize?

    A couple of observations. It's been a looooooong time since I've seen students out of uniform. We've had compulsory uniforms here in Bossier Parish for 15 years or so.

    And, honestly, that was a pretty good team effort. It took a good bit of doing to get that done in one take (which I'm assuming it was). Some will say, "this is just the kind of foolishness that is indicative of our failing education system, yada yada yada..." But, I think it's kinda' fun to see teachers that are good sports.

  2. I'm with Andy on this one - I watched it all and I thought it was good fun.

    Besides - as much as we gripe about the failing education system and teachers in general...

    Would you want to be a teacher of today's kids?

  3. I watched the whole enchilada and liked it. I did wonder at the purpose of dressing like the students - or was that their normal clothes?

  4. That's one twisted pantomime guitar solo in there at about 2:18, definitely not a candidate for the show.

    BTW Bag, My guess is that's their usual daily dress. It's pretty much what we wore at the cc where I taught, very informal. And, in retrospect, probably part of the problem.

  5. I thought it was kind of cute. I liked it. :) Considering the the original song/video/message, their rendition lent a kind of toothsome symmetry to the whole thing.

  6. I watched it. The whole 3:46. Do I get a prize?

    Yes. Yes, you do! Unlimited free entry... a lifetime pass!... to EIP. Your fambly, too.

    Your other points are moderately well-taken.

    Would you want to be a teacher of today's kids?

    Not only no but HELL no.

    Lou: The whole culture has been dumbed down, appearance-wise. Sign o' the times, and not a good one. Thus sayeth the Ol' Fart.

    ...definitely not a candidate for the show.


    Phlegmmy: "Kinda cute" is as far as I go. Emphasis on "kinda."

  7. Those are some geeky-ass white boys in that second one. Geesh.

    The teacher one is cute, I give a higher grade for execution than I do style, tho.

  8. We're BIG geek fans here. ;-)

  9. Dan, I agree. In my teaching days, I tried to dress above the students for several reasons, but professionalism was a big one.

  10. That "I'm on a boat" video is pretty good...all the more so because it was actually filmed on the JPJ.

    If you want some AF videos in the same vein, I give you....HAWG WILD!!


    Also, I don't think you can find it anywhere (all the people involved got at least an LOC, if not an LOR...I heard Art 15s were threatened) but the Gold Bond/"Golden Breathmint for my balls" video is f**king HILARIOUS:

    "Gold Bond powder, you're a friend of mine, Gold Bond powder, you make my balls feel fine, cures swamp nuts fast and that's a fact, keeps me dry won't tear my sack, you're a golden breathmint for my balls!"

    Finally, this one isn't quite as good (it's done by some cadetidiots at the Academy) but it's still pretty funny:

    Make sure to keep an eye out for the "P. Diddy" nametape on the BDUs and the SF member chasing down and tackling some cadet.

  11. Oh, forgot to mention...the guy that walks through the door looking all studly in his PT gear near the end of the video is the Commandant at the Academy.

  12. GOOD stuff, Mike. I'd seen the "Hog Wild" vid before... I just forgot about it. The AFA vid is pretty good, as well. I remain amazed at the creativity of our folks... ALL our folks, in each branch... when it comes to this sorta stuff.



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