Thursday, April 22, 2010


SN1 stopped by for a beer and a cigar a few minutes ago, but mainly to show off his new toy (click to embiggen, as always):

It's a Jeep Renegade... six cylinder, six-speed, with a few other bells and whistles... like aftermarket rims and tires.  Which is pretty cool, I do admit.  But since we're doin' toys... there's this:

I'm partial to Miss Zukiko.  But then again... I would be.


  1. I know I can't say "it's so cute" because it's a manly-man rough road get dirty and sweat vehicle and, besides, it's a Jeep!! Jeeps are just so cool!

    Sorry, Sweetie, but the Jeep wins over motorcycle for me, the burn on my leg taught me to stay with cars and trucks! :(

  2. When I was a little girl in RR, there was a beautiful teenaged girl who drove a red Jeep with the doors off. As she drove Main Street, she propped on shapely leg up on the door frame and she was so cool! I have always wanted a Jeep.

  3. Jeeps are just plain cool. Especially pimped-out Renegades.

    We are in the unexpected position of having to replace The Oracle's Jeep Grand Cherokee. I love the Grand Cherokee but what I really want is - the Renegade.

    Impractical commuting vehicle in New England but damn they are so cool.

  4. Kath: I think there are a lot of women who share your view. But the bike is all about ME, LOL! BTW... SN1 has three motos... a big-ass Hardley-Abelson, a Kowalski Baby Ninja, and my old Yama-hammer.

    Lou: Women in Jeeps! There's a mental image that appeals to me...

    Kris: You've reached the age where practicality should no longer be a consideration. Or a MAJOR consideration, anyhoo.

  5. Men and their toys make the world go round.

    I admit to being partial to Harleys, Buck. The speed bikes don't move me, so your boy gets the win on this one, darlin'. Open top Jeeps rock.

  6. Chicks in Jeeps are the kinda chicks one marries.

  7. I likes, but needs a lift kit on it. LOL!
    I have some friends in Farmington that go rock climbing in their jeeps. Looks like alot of fun, but not sure I can talk my hubby into such extreme sports.

  8. Daph: Harleys are all about stylin' and profilin', less about the actual riding. Unless they have "Buell" writ large on the tank.

    Jay: I second your motion!

    Jenny: SN1 will do some off-roading but I doubt he'll go the rock-climbing route. That IS pretty extreme.


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