Friday, April 23, 2010

Me and Every Other Wings Fan With a Blog...

... has posted this video.  Here's Stevie Y's double-overtime game winner against St. Louis in the second round of the '95 - 96 playoffs.  You can see The Great One just off to Stevie's left as the video unwinds... he coughed up the puck to Yzerman for the Wings' winning goal.  The Wings lost to the Hated Avs in the Western Conference Final that year... but this goal is one for the ages.  The NHL obviously agrees, making this moment in time a part of their "History Will Be Made" campaign for this year's playoffs.

The Wings went on to win their first Cup in 42 years the following year.

Speaking of double overtimes... we're getting ready to go to a third overtime in the Pens - Sens game as I type (2125 hrs MDT).  Those pesky Senators just won't give up.

Update 2140 hrs:  Sens win to stay alive, seven minutes into the 3OT. Now I can change the date/time stamp on this post.  (Insert smiley face thingie here.)


  1. Been gone awhile, so I'll cover a few downstream topics here--some waay downstream. Hockey first. Re the College NCAA finals. I was shocked at how easily BC handled Wisc. Wisc had a GOOD defense--and it was absolutely shredded by BC. "Speed Kills," I guess.. The Wings are still hanging in there, but my poor Blackhawks--embarrassing!

    About the beer? Just hold your nose when you drink :) Actually, Miller High Life used to be a favorite domestic of mine until they changed the formula to take out its' distinctive "bite" to as to "broaden" the mkt with a "smoother" taste. Bastards. I HAVE developed a taste for MGD, however. "Lite" beers? You're paying a lot for bubbles, aren't you? The lite beer that knocks me out is Coors lite--like Coors really needed a light? Hell, after half a pitcher of reg. Coors it starts to taste like water as it is...

    I've got a good friend of mine that rides a Harley wide-glide (Turquoise w. the wire spoke "open-look" front wheel--a nice looking ride.) He calls you guys on the Japanese stuff "Ninjakapoops" :) I always thought were I to get one it would be a Ducatti. Status, man, status... :) STILL think you should get a good pin-striper to do a "High Plains Drifter" number on yours..or should it be "Grifter" :) After all you managed to con the Air Force into paying your bar tab, right? :)

    Hope all is well with you and that we don't have to alert the EMT guys to head out your way if the Wings, God forbid, lose...

    You knew that Hunter Thompson was from Louisville, didn't you? We lived there 76-94 and I knew a couple of guys that went to HS with him. Though not from a wealthy family he ran with a VERY rich crowd (The Louisville Boat Club crowd) whose parents were movers and shakers in Louisville. (One of my room-mates @LSU was from Louisville) Said he was just as wild and eccentric in real life as he portrayed himself...

    I first read "Fear & Loathing" when it first was published in serial form in "Rolling Stone" mag.(Got the book later) KNOCKED ME OUT! I remember reading parts of it out loud to a frat. brother of mine who was in grad school w. me at the time at USL in Lafayette, La. Had him rolling on the floor. Prior to that nothing had ever been published like that except closest perhaps book "Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me" in '66.

  2. Well if I have my way (and we all know, its all about me... pffft!), the Stanley cup will stay in Canada... but how awesome would it be to have another show down between a Canadian NHL team and a US one!! Detroit needs hope right now... and to have the Wings go for Stanley would be a beauty!!

    Right now.. my Canucks are kicking ass (game 5 against LA 4-1 in second period with 6 mins to go) - but who knows??!!

    Lord Stanley needs to stay in Canada. Where he belongs.

    And while my heart still aches for my baby Pebbles, its still bleeds maple syrup. :0)

    And I'm choosing to ignore the WV today: jurbesh

  3. Virgil: BC played a patient game in the NCAA Finals. It was pretty close, actually, until the third period. I was shocked at how easily BC scored during the third... I'm thinking they just wore Wisconsin out. As you said: "speed kills."

    Your 'Hawks are looking better... Thursday night's game was pretty much a blow-out. We'll see what happens this afternoon. As for my Wings... well, things are looking up! And if they DO lose it won't be anything intravenous Prozac can't cure. Or massive intake of single-malt.

    I didn't know HST was from Louisville. Like you, I also read the serialized "first take" of F&L On the Campaign Trail. We anxiously awaited the arrival of RS in our mailbox back in those days. HST was a unique talent, indeed.

    Lord Stanley needs to stay in Canada. Where he belongs.

    Ummm, KC. Girl. STAY in Canada? You've been under that rock for way too long. It's been SEVENTEEN YEARS since a Canadian team won Lord Stanley's Chalice. While we're on the subject... I wouldn't put too much money on your Canucks, were I you. Looo has alternated between being a veritable sieve and a permeable wall, with emphasis on the former. The Wings will eat your lunch... and dinner... AND drink all your beer... should it come to that. ;-)

  4. HA! Just like you predicted US would win gold... I think not!!! LOL...

    Both teams - at least in the last few years - haven't had the best score card for making it ALL THE WAY... so it would be cool!

    And yes, I know. 17 yrs. Still - its a Canadian Cup for a Canadian game. It needs to come home.

  5. Both teams - at least in the last few years - haven't had the best score card for making it ALL THE WAY...

    Well, I'll eat my hat if two consecutive appearances in the Stanley Cup Final... with a Cup in 2008... isn't a GREAT scorecard. And FOUR Cups in the last 13 years ain't too shabby, either.

    Tell me again... how many Cups do the Canucks have? What's that? ZERO? Heh.


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