Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch

Just a quickie...  I know I'm gonna come off as an ingrate, or a snob, or worse with this mini-rant, but so be it.  I've been known to share my beer with my neighbors and I do so willingly, manly coz I genuinely enjoy my neighbors' company.  And my neighbors reciprocate in the beer department, frequently repaying me in kind.  But what do I get in return for sharing my Fat Tire, Franziskaner, Mothership Wit and whatever happens to be in the fridge at the time?  

Miller-frickin'-High Life.  Bud-frickin'-Light.  

I mean, here I am... doing a God's work (Dionysus', to be exact)... and laboring mightily to raise the level of beer appreciation here in Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park, all seemingly for naught.  And it ain't like any of my neighbors ever say "What the HELL is this moose piss you're giving me?"  Oh no... it's all "Damn!  This is GOOD beer!  What'd you say this is?"

There ain't no justice.

Image from the Village Voice's Daily Fork, who shares my opinion.


  1. Heh! I know you will read it, but be sure and check out my "For beer drinkers post."

    And drink a couple, Dude, and breathe deep! I mean, it's Earth Day. This is not a day to entertain frustration.

    Just sayin'...


    I force the mooch's to drink PBR, and it's a good thing I happen to like PBR. Some will even turn it down, rarely.

    Don't mind sharing my keg beer, way too much of it anyhow.

    P.S. Why would anyone drink a Light beer? What's the point?

  3. BTW, Blogger is eating comments today like crazy!

    What I WAS attempting to write was that I thought this was funny! Here's Buck with this fancy, whatever/whatever beer and he gets handed back a Bud. "This one's for YOU!"

    (Giggle, giggle, snort. Oh, sorry. But it's funny!)

  4. Heh! That's funny, Kath...

    There is a local physician here in town that told me this story. When he was about 7 years old, he was playing in the front yard with his sister.

    The new Southern Baptist Pastor of his family's church pulled up in the driveway, got out of the car, and told the kids that he was visiting all of the members of the church.

    The new Pastor asked him if his mother was home. He said, "Yes sir, she's inside."

    As the Pastor strode to the door to knock, the future Dr. "Ted" yelled, "My Momma drinks Busch Bavarian Beer!"

    When I asked Ted if she did, he said, "Of course not. I had just heard that on TV."

    Okay...I'm bored. And nobody wants any more information about Panchos. Sigh...

  5. Andy: I did read your post and left ya some entertainment. Guinness... blech. But good ads. And we have already begun Happy Hour, in honor of Our Mama Gaia. Don't tell anyone, but the bottles are goin' straight to the landfill.

    Good story, too! Personally... I wouldn't belong to any religion where the head priest wouldn't have a beer with me (and mine). This is one area where the Catholics have it right... and you know there may be more. (Like my particular cult.)

    Darryl: It's against the man-rules to turn down beer. But rules are made to be broken. I would expect London Pride, should I ever visit the Veldt Lounge. I'll give ya a heads-up if and when I head out that way. ;-)

    Kath: Yeah. Funny. Ha-ha. (Just teasin'... I posted this for laughs. It worked.) ;-)

  6. Buck, your secret is safe. You know what's funny? Pam and I have been "recycling" for quite a while just because it makes sense.

    Our city recycling center does not, nor has ever accepted "glass." I am not a beer drinker. So, the liquid corn bottles end up in a landfill anyway.

    It just don't seem right...

  7. Wow, I can really appreciate this. The emotion tells you "C'mon! Gimme something good, neighbor!" and the logic tells you to quit being an ingrate and enjoy the company.

    I might say something after a spell if it were me. But bear in mind I live across the street from a BevMo with the 3k wines and 1k beers. You were saying something about how it's nigh-on impossible where you are to get a Chimay? Yeah, I know of a few places like's just a fact of life. MGD it is.

    I know I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. Still, there are opportunities for commercial ventures there, or lost-leaders just for sake of being a good neighbor. You can take their greenbacks and bring an extra bag from the PX for them.

    Unless that is they've acquired a taste for the flat stuff. And I have some trouble envisioning that.

  8. Morgan: I've actually done what you suggested, i.e., bought beer for folks at the Class VI store. Finding good beer in these parts is a chore... but there is some available, like Fat Tire. The neighbors wouldn't have to do much lookin', as it's right there in Wally-World.

    Andy: Some day I'll go on about recycling in Berkeley, CA... which left a VERY bad taste in my mouth. Actually, if you search on "Berkeley" you might find one such rant. I'm too lazy to do that myself. At the moment. ;-)

  9. Mother effing exhausted trying to find a concise way to summarize my frustration over this elitist garbage.


  10. it's right there in Wally-World.

    Oh well in THAT case, lower the boom on 'em.

    Of course, neighborly friendship comes first. Again, I know I'm not telling you anything that's news. Your complaint is still not justified, but nevertheless understandable.

  11. Your complaint is still not justified, but nevertheless understandable.

    Ummm, Morgan. Didn't your mama tell ya to always give like for like where gifts were concerned? Mine did, ergo... justified. ;-)

    this elitist garbage.

    Heh. That would be me... the Trailer Park Elitist. You might see this as a quote in a sidebar near you, soon.

  12. Maybe you should keep the neighbor's beer and give it back to them when they show up to drink with you. After all, it seems to be what they like.

  13. Keep some Old Milwaukee on hand for when they come over. It'll serve 'em right.

  14. Lou: Their beer is still in my fridge and will likely be recycled in some way, shape, or form. I'm damned sure not gonna drink it.

    Jim: Sorry, man... I just can't go there!

  15. You will have to enlighten me on these different beers, Buck. It's just Coors/Keystone/Bud around here. However, since you have now made me aware that not all beers are equal, I'll be sure to return the favor with something else.

  16. It's ALL about taste, Jenny. That said, lotsa folks don't really enjoy the taste of beer... so they'll have a Lite Something or other. That's kinda true for generic American beer drinkers, too, but less so.

    You, Jeff, and yours are welcome on the verandah ANY ol' time!

  17. A Floyd resident admitting in public that she drinks beer? Man, the world has changed. In my day they'd have chased you out of town for that.

    There's a very good book called "The Millionaire Next Door." The researchers who wrote it discovered that the real self-made millionaires tend to be very down-to-earth folks who don't act like they're rich. To quote one of the millionaires, "I drink two kinds of beer: Budweiser and free."

  18. To quote one of the millionaires, "I drink two kinds of beer: Budweiser and free."

    Well, there are snobs and then there are reverse snobs. I find both off-putting. I don't think there's anything wrong with enjoying the better things in life if you have the option to do so. And beer is pretty cheap, even the pricier imported stuff.

  19. I knew a multi-millionaire Okie farmer (kinfolks-in-law) who drank only Budweiser. I, not being a beer drinker politely declined when offered.

    But, I did quiz him one time about why he didn't drink a little higher quality beer.

    "Might get to likin' it too much!"

  20. Heh. I don't have that "likin' it too much" problem, thank The Deity At Hand. Two or three and we're done, always and ever. Unless you consider the fact the better stuff has spoiled me on generic beer to be a problem. In that case... yeah, I DO have issues there.

  21. The researchers in the study would set up in a hotel suite to do their interviews (this was for the ones worth at least 10 million). At first they had a nice spread of fancy food and wines for the millionaires. But the subjects would look over the spread, and maybe take a bottle of water and a couple of crackers.

    Now they just do sandwiches and beer. The rich guys will take a Heineken if it's there, but they're not really picky.

    The faux millionaires--the ones who act like they're rich, even though their net worth is fairly low (or negative) always go for the good stuff.

    It's a really fascinating book.

    And I am not suggesting that you're faux anything, Buck!


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