Friday, April 23, 2010

Me Too

Alternative title: "Buck Gets Musical Advice From His Favorite Republican."  A tweet from Michigan Representative Thad McCotter:
ThadMcCotter: Must buy "Exile on Main Street" for 3rd time. Stones put 10 "new" tracks on it to plunder my wallet.
Me too... sorta.  This would be my fourth purchase of "Exile," seeing as how I completely wore out my first vinyl copy, bought another, and then bought it on CD.  Ergo, four upcoming... assuming the album is re-released in the US of A.  The article is from The Beeb, therefore we can't automajikally assume it will be released here.  But the odds are good, I'd say.


  1. Great album. I prefer Let it Bleed only on the strength of Monkey Man.

  2. It's hard for me to choose among their works when it comes to "best," Anon. But I were pressed I'd go with Exile. Your point is well taken, tho!


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