Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Abbreviated Saturday Post

Abbreviated coz we have better things to do today than blogging.  I know I may be stretching your credulity, Gentle Reader, but it's true.  So let's get on with it.

First of all, there's this Michael Ramirez toon that hit my in-box earlier this week.  Shame on me for not posting it sooner, but it's one of those things that ain't exactly time-sensitive.

Heh.  This lil pitchur neatly sums up everything I don't like about The One's first year or so in office.  YMMV, but I think not.


We are Happy Hockey Campers on this fine Saturday morning.  The Beloved Wings played a patient game last evening, made very few (if any) mistakes and took advantage of mistakes made by those Feral Dogs in the process of thrashing them soundly in their very own "sea of white" den (albeit with significant splotches of Red Wings Red visible throughout the arena).  And Young Jimmy Howard... Calder Trophy finalist... was superb in net.  Here was the turning point in last night's game... two of the prettiest, most timely saves you'll ever see:

The score was tied early in the third when Hanzal the Feral Dog came out of the penalty box and took off on his breakaway.  Big Mo could have turned against the Wings had Hanzal scored here... but Jimmy slammed the door and the Wings went on to score two more goals plus an empty netter, winning 4 - 1.  The Wings can move on to the second round tomorrow afternoon with a win at The Joe.  As Pierre LeBrun sez... they smell blood.


  1. Were you able to see the LA vs Canucks Game? Jeebus... I felt TERRIBLE for LA.
    Well not really.
    But still.

  2. No, I missed it... but I did see highlights. This has been a good series, actually, and the Canucks are FAR from out of the woods. I've seen two of the five games and snippets of the others. Our teevee coverage down here hasn't been exactly stellar.

  3. Happy for you that you've got better things to do. Really!

    Ummm...on the 'toon...I thought you were happy about the GM bailout (I'm pretty sure that guy is a line worker)...and as a "glass half full" guy, you felt really, really good about GM paying back a tiny percentage of our/your tax dollars that they had set aside for a moment like this...while dumping the rest of their junk in to bankruptcy court, and trying to make EVERYBODY feel good about it. I'm sure that everyone that had GM bonds are just ecstatic. I know I am!!!

    Just sayin'...

    Okay, Buck...I will drop this from this moment forward. I promise!

    But, I do like the tone of the 'toon. It would take someone with large stones to actually go ask a neighbor to pay for all their s*&%#y mistakes.

    Much easier to ask a pol, I guess...

  4. I thought you were happy about the GM bailout (I'm pretty sure that guy is a line worker)...

    I am. Still. The guy in the toon might be a low- or mid-level Wall Streeter, too. Except those guys kinda sorta pay their taxes. But, to your larger point: it's a rare event to find ourselves in complete agreement with anyone on EVERY thing, no?

  5. Yep, Buck! If we all agreed on "everything," then a whole bunch of us would be unnecessary...

    Wait...maybe a whole bunch of us already are! ;)

    Like I said...I'm leavin' it alone from here on out. Have a great day, man!

  6. That cartoon... Classic. You would shoot someone that tried to pull crap like that to your face, but if it is performed in an indirect way...

  7. Yup, like that cartoon. Says it all.


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