Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day Redux

Occasional commenter and sometimes poster at Washington Rebel Rob dropped a link to this George Carlin rant about Enviroweenies in comments last evening.  If you didn't chase the link and watch the vid... well, you should have.  So, just as a public service... here it is for your viewing pleasure.

I sure do miss Mr. Carlin.


  1. George was certainly unique and amazingly funny.

  2. Freeberg's Law of Environmental Science:

    Detriments to the environment are fun, refreshing, tasty, pleasantly stimulating, soothing, relaxing, or sources of relief. Nothing annoying is ever found to be harmful to the environment.

    Also known as Freeberg's Toilet Paper rule. If it's plushy and comfy, it hurts the planet, and if it scratches like the dickens back there you can be sure it's "good" for the environment.

    Convertibles with the top down and the music cranked way up, bratty kids leaving gum on the sidewalk, zipping around on their heelee shoes banging into ya -- if there's a report coming out saying those things hurt the environment, it'll never see the light o'day.

    Still waiting for the first exception to this. Thought I'd upload it to my resident pedant's website.

    Carlin? He's pointing out what everybody knows already. It's the elephant in the world. In the blink of an eye according to its own lifetime, it's gonna shake us "like a bad case of fleas."

  3. "elephant in the world" == "elephant in the room."

    Self-pedanting today.

  4. Lou: As I said... I miss the man mightily.

    Andy: That vid wasn't one of Rob's links and it sucked. Key phrase: "as a patriotic American I blindly follow what my leaders tell me," coming right after his sarcasm about Dubya. Did you intend to pull my chain, or did you just miss that?

    Morgan: I read your extended piece at your place, of course. I don't comment sometimes when there's nothing to add. Or correct. ;-)


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