Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's Always SUMTHIN', Part Deux

So... it's a beautiful day here on The High Plains of New Mexico.  We had planned a lil moto-excursion for late morning today, or until our friend Andy The RV Doctor called with the news our new water heater had arrived and would I be around so he could install same?  Why, yes... c'mon down!

So.  We were advised our hot water heater was on its last legs when last The RV Doctor visited us.  Being the prudent type I AM... and thinking it's much easier to replace something now than endure a crisis later... we ordered the new appliance.  

Two hours and change later and the deal is done.  I now have a new water heater that should last me at least eight years or so, if the normal replacement cycle holds true for the hard water area that I live in.  I was lucky to get ten years out of the previous appliance and I fully intend to stretch this new one out for as long as I can.  For they are expensive, Gentle Reader... to the tune of six Benjamins when all is said and done (tax and installation).  NOTHING about RVs is cheap.  But we knew that going in.

And our WX has changed in the meantime... we are all clouded up and threatening rain.  So we shall defer our putt in the countryside for another day, because we hates getting wet while on the mo'sickle.  That just isn't any fun any longer.  Not like it used to be.

Miss Zukiko, all dressed up with nowhere to go.


  1. It amazes me that the RV water heater is more expensive than a residential one. Sheesh!

    The bike is a looking purty...bummer on the weather.

  2. I'm pretty sure the damned thing was MORE expensive, BR. I've replaced full-size water heaters in the past for less, but that was many, many moons ago. And the weather will improve... I've got time and lots of it, LOL!

  3. Too bad about the weather; better days will beckon I'm sure.

    Every damn thing is expensive these days - and why please tell me is it all necessary???

    Need to keep The Oracle's Jeep from stalling? $350 please. Need to take down 2 rotting trees before they fall on the house ? $1,600 please.


  4. Miss Zukiko is looking mighty fine. Good weather is on its way here.

  5. I saw you cruising around town Tuesday in The Green Hornet with the top down! We have had some pretty nice weather lately.

  6. Kris: Yup... EVERY-frickin'-thing is expensive these days, some more so than others. I feel yore pain.

    Lou: Thank ya Ma'am. We have more Spring storms today... interspersed with bright sun. Ah... Spring!

    Jenny: Didja wave? I missed ya!


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