Wednesday, April 21, 2010

General Lightness of Being

First... some linkage.   I visit English Russia every so often because I find it to be among the quirkiest sites on these here inter-tubes.  ER isn't a daily visit for me but I go there often enough and my visits are almost ALWAYS rewarding.  Such was the case yesterday, when ER linked to a couple of sites with subject matter near and dear to my heart, the first such being a series of Hunter S. Thompson motivational posters.  Like this:

HST was one of my heroes back in my young adult days.  I picked up "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" when it was first published and was hooked. HST's later work on Rolling Stone's National Desk was some of the BEST political writing, evah.  We need more campaign coverage like that today... and I'm as serious as the proverbial heart attack.  But then again, times have changed and not for the better.  There's not an editor alive in these Politically Correct days that would tolerate HST's normal behavior, let alone some of his more outrageous shenanigans.  If you're a politics junkie there's no finer reading on the subject than "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail."  Read it... if you can find it.

And then there's this... "10 Weird Beer Facts."  My fave:
4. Brewing is Woman’s Work
In ancient and medieval times the job of making beer fell to women. In some cultures it was considered such an honor that only beautiful or noble women could do it. In medieval Europe brewing was one of a housewife’s regular tasks, just like cooking and cleaning and baby making. Some of these women became famous for being exceptional brewers and started supplying people other than their own families.
It appears I was born about a thousand years too late.  But then again, we have a plethora of microbrews today and life in general isn't nearly as poor, nasty, and brutish.  Or short.  So we'll take what we get and love it.  Still and even, the thought of a beautiful woman brewing beer for me has its attractions, no?


Seattle Andy, in comments, sez "We're swapping good days as far as our hockey success goes. Good job Wings, tough one for the Avs."  He's referring to the fact our Beloved Wings triumphed last evening over those Feral Desert Dogs by a score of 3 - 0 while his Avs lost in the third overtime game (out of four games played) of their series... 2 - 1.  Note I didn't make any derogatory references to Andy's team. We shall save those for later, when it's likely the Wings and Avs might meet in the Western Conference Final.  Or earlier.  From where I sit the Avs definitely have the mojo in this series and will more than likely win it.

I really do think a Wings - Avs series may come to pass, as the top seeds in the Western Conference are all having a tough go of it at the moment.  Most shocking, perhaps, is the vaunted Blackhawks find themselves down to the upstart Preds, 2 -1.  Vancouver is having a tough go of it with the Kings, too, and are down by the same 2 - 1 margin.  This is what we all love about the playoffs: anything can... and does... happen.  This is the BEST time o' year.


  1. I am now cautiously optimistic concerning the Bruins chances of getting beyond the first round. Game three was a lot of fun, and we all know that a hot goalie can carry a team a long way. Rask appears to be heating up rather nicely.

  2. You probably mean "hot goalie" as in he's playing really well?? Otherwise, I want pictures!! ;)

  3. Jim: Yeah, your Bees are surprisin' me.

    Kath: That's exactly what I mean. And I ain't exactly one to judge male hotness. Other guys pretty much all look the same to me. ;-)

  4. I would love to see a Wings-Avs series again (one with a chance of going more than 4 sad games, anyway). My boys are making me proud this year.

  5. Hey! The 2001-2002 WCF went seven! I wouldn't mind a re-run of that... ;-)

  6. "I feel the same way about disco as I do about herpes."


    Ya' know, I've read a bit of Hunter S. Thompson's stuff in the past. But, he was before my time...not MUCH before, but enough that the name only rattles the cage. I shall look in to his work on your recommendation, Buck. Sounds like an interesting cat.

    $600 for a water heater installed on an RV does not sound like a bad deal to me at all. And, when you've got a conscientious, willing, top of his game dude like "Andy" need to keep him in biness! Those guys are getting fewer and further between these days.

    Plus...cold showers suck!

  7. "that only beautiful or noble women could do it"

    That statement alone explains all the different brews here in the CZ. There are just so many beautiful women here and I guess they are all brewing!!

    BT: Jimmy T sends. (Live from the Czech Republic)

  8. Andy: I hear ya, on all counts. I carefully cultivate my relationship with Andy... he's a jewel.

    Jimmy: I'd LOVE to trade places with you right now.

  9. I believe HST was USAF before he went on to being a genius author. Much the same as our exiled host. ;)

  10. Well, Anon... the Air Force is about the only thing HST and I have in common. Well, that and certain proscribed substances I came across in the way-back. But I sure do appreciate the comparison! ;-)


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