Monday, April 19, 2010

It's Always SUMTHIN'

In this case it was a blown fitting on our hot water heater... which resulted in massive flooding of the kitchen compartment.  The offending fitting:

We quick like a bunny shut off the water to El Casa Móvil De Pennington, whereupon we went without water for approximately 12 hours, or until such time as The Pro From Dover... in the form of Andy The RV Doctor (Bless His Heart!)... could arrive on scene and rectify the situation.

One would ask why we just didn't take matters into our own (incapable) hands and one would just as quickly answer that we know our limitations.  This pic should explain things:

We just aren't all that into pulling the stove and assorted panels to get access to the aforementioned fitting, nor do we have said fitting in our bench stock.  Checkbook maintenance is highly underrated among the handy do-it-yourself set.  Shorter: we know our limitations.  And we have funds to defray the cost of doing what we cannot (or will not) do for ourselves.

All is well: we have hot water again and our kitchen is leak free.  Life is good...


  1. There are several things that need fixin' around the house. I have a husband who can do it...the problem is when. Sometimes, I just want to call someone and pay them whatever.

  2. Must have been the day for appliance malfunctions for bloggers. Our oven sort-of blew up. I turned it on to bake a couple of potatoes and twenty seconds later it made a "Pop! Pop! Pop!" sounds and nasty electrical smoke came out. P-U!

    Luckily, it was just a minor problem with the ignition (it's a gas stove with no pilot.) Landlord fixed it in a trice, but still...

  3. I feel left out. Nothing broke yesterday at my place! I guess the demons took a holiday around here.

    Oh well, there's always today...

  4. Mercy. Glad you're high and dry again.

  5. Lou: Far be it from me to encourage spousal delinquency... but ya might wanna try that. ;-)

    Jim: It's nice to have responsive landlords.

    Andy: You've had your share of issues of late... you need a break.

    Moogie: Well, we're dry, anyhoo. ;-)

  6. Meant to tell you when I saw this other day, this repair man is a saint! Wow. I am so impressed by him. Certainly can see why you wouldn't want to mess with it yourself. If you have the $$ for someone to do and do it right, I'm all for it. Home improvement projects are just about to kill me.

  7. Yeah, Kath... I agree. RV guys who make house calls are worth their weight in gold. A REAL godsend.


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