Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

Which must be abbreviated, by necessity.

An old fave and what might could have passed for my theme song back in the day... when we were young and (more) stupid.  Actually, this ol' chestnut from that balding, fat, and aging hippie (Heh.  I'm not one to throw stones, but at least 90 % of my hair is still in place.  And I'm most certainly NOT fat.) could well and truly be my theme song today. We just be sayin'.

So.  We're awaiting the arrival of SN1 and anticipating the puck-drop at The Joe in about ten minutes or so.  Which is a must-win for Dee-troit.  It's awful early in the play-offs to be using language like that, i.e., "must win."  But it is what it is.



  1. An abbreviated happy hour?? Excuse me? What, you don't drink during the game? I'm so confused!

    Have fun. Give that son another hug, just because.

  2. Fan Hour is definitely different than Happy Hour! Enjoy!

  3. Moogie has it right, Kath. I differentiate Happy Hour... which is a very relaxing period of time normally spent outside with musical accompaniment... from Fan Hour (nice term, Moogie!), which is emotionally INTENSE. Some day I may write a post on this phenomenon; SN1 and I have discussed it at length and it's VERY complex.

  4. We're swapping good days as far as our hockey success goes. Good job Wings, tough one for the Avs.

    Though the Sharks HAVE to be the worried team at this point.


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