Thursday, March 25, 2010


It's a beautiful day here on The High Plains of New Mexico... and Spring has definitely sprung:

The blossoms are few and far between at the moment, but they're THERE.

So... just a few minutes ago... we're sitting outside in the sun sipping our beer and marveling at the weather.  The neighbor ladies passed by with tots in tow, one of which was ensconced in his little red stroller/car.  Our neighbors stopped for just a minute right in front of us, so to speak... about 50 feet away or so.  The young boy, who couldn't be more than two years old, jumps out of his lil car thingy, steps to the curb, pulls his shorts down, and begins to water the grass.  The deal was done before Mom realized what was going on and she was mortified.  

"Oh, I'm SO sorry" she sez to me, adding "But... boys!  What are ya gonna do?"

My reply:  "I might have been there.  Once or twice."

Laughter all around and all is good.  And now it's back outside... yadda, yadda.


  1. Oh man, that's funny. Brings back good memories, huh Buck?

    I'll bet you and I could swap some good son pissin' tales! ;)

  2. LOL! At the kid and your reply.

    STUNNING pics Buck.

  3. That's just about the most perfect description of early spring I've ever read!

    Our middle grandson pulled the same trick last month, but he was watering the snow instead of the grass. Heh.

    Beautiful photos.

  4. First, great picture!!! Love it!
    Second... that was a funny story! I suppose him just peeing on your lawn was better than him widdling in his little red wagon and pants!

    Too cute!

  5. Pics are great and making me very jealous. Trees are barely starting to bud here!

    GREAT story...too cute.

  6. That first pic is paintable - may have to steal it.

    Anyone who has had a boy has pee stories, and they are usually very funny.

  7. "I might have been there. Once or twice."

    At what age, Buck? At what age? LOL!!

    Reminds me of a guy in N.O who produces novelty songs about everything uniquely New Orleans. His band is "Benny Grunch and the Bunch." One is entitled:"Ain't no place to pee on Mardis Gras Day!" in which he laments/bemoans the lack of public facilities--song ends with a guy being collared by the cops for p*****g in the gutter on Felicity St. "But Officer!" the end-of-song final lyrics go, "I thought the sign said FACILITY St!" LOL!

    PS:I think GREAT pics, too!

  8. At what age, Buck? At what age? LOL!!

    Heh. You have NO ideer how tempted I am to post a story about The Second Mrs. Pennington writing her name in a snowbank with me supplying the writing tools after a long drunken night out in Japan. Oops. I guess I just did... ;-)

    Oh, well. She hasn't been reading me lately. No harm, no foul.

  9. And thanks to all y'all... Andy, Alison, KC, Moogie, Kris, and Lou... as well. Yeah, I have lil boy pee stories but the boys DO read the blog and they're bigger than me.

  10. Oh, I've been there. And worse.

  11. Yes, my son does this. But he prefers to wet the back tire of my car.

    Spring in NM always was nice. I miss seeing the fields with Indian Paintbrush.


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