Thursday, March 25, 2010

He Said It, I Didn't

From a Chicago hockey sportswriter:

Time to root for Detroit

Posted by TimS on Thu, 03/25/2010 - 10:15
COLUMBUS, Ohio – The last thing a Blackhawks fans wants to do is root for the Red Wings, but it’s probably the right thing to do these last few weeks of the season.
If the playoffs started on Thursday, the Hawks and Detroit would meet in the first round, which is not what anyone at the United Center wants.
The Red Wings are hot, however, and ended play Tuesday night eighth in the Western Conference with 87 points but only 3 points out of fifth place.
The Hawks would much rather face Los Angeles, Nashville, Colorado or Calgary in the first round than the experience and dangerous Red Wings.

Heh.  What was that Ryan Lambert said only three days ago?  Well, to paraphrase an ol' sayin'... Play me now, or play me later.  Makes no nevermind to us.

Apropos of nuthin'...  this is the image search I used to get the graphic above.  Note the search term.  Now note that THREE of the first 21 results were "Red Wings suck."  We are loved; we are hated.  Be that as it may, you'll never lack for a plethora of Winged Wheel jerseys in ANY NHL arena when the Wings come to town.  Except perhaps for Montreal, but there's no explaining or understanding the Québécois.


  1. Being hated is all the more reason to kick the shi* out of the apposer!

    Dang losers! Losers suck! lol

  2. Sorry, Buck, as a converted RedWings fan I root for them every time 'cept when they play my poor long-suffering Blackhawks, so have to part ways on this one in terms of the ultimate face-off. But yes, for now: GO WINGS!!

    (PS:How DARE you besmirch the treasured Blawhawk Indian symbol!! :) )

  3. Virg: IF you're lucky your long-suffering Hawks might do good this year. Big "if," that. One word: Huet. ;-)

  4. The Jackets beat Chicago again tonight Buck...4-2 in Chicago. Not doubt the Black Hacks are trying to avoid Detroit.

    Meanwhile the Flyers finally end their pain, but defeating New Jersey 5-1 to move into 6th in the East...but still no secure of a spot.


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