Friday, March 26, 2010

Obamacare: Approved In All the Best Circles

News item:  Cuban leader applauds US health-care reform bill.  (AP)


  1. Happy Birthday!

    A friend of mine was ranting about the healthcare bill. I'm sure she was wrong on several points, being the blonde that she is. But I kept thinking that she made us sound like a communist country - maybe that is whay Castro approves our new healthcare plan.

  2. So, any day now we will be hearing praises of glover, penn, baba wawa and the rest of the peanut gallery?
    I imagine the TOTUS/Scumbag-in-chief is reveling in his new found appreciation from the despots of the world.
    And guys like me, Buck, MUD and Barco gave the best twenty or so years of our lives for this? Sad, indeed.

  3. Thanks, Lou. It's gonna be low and slow today.

    Glen: Yep, all the glitterati are weighing in about His Wonderfulness. Makes me ill... I'll need me some of that Majik Healthcare thingie toot sweet.


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