Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It Fits

Just back from Cannon Airplane Patch and certain events had me hummin' this tune most of the way back home:

Three of 'em, to be specific.  To say the aroma is "pungent" when one blasts by with the top down is understating the case.  Severely.

We are resupplied with beer and victuals.  We are also in possession of new blue USAF ID card that reflects our true status in military life now, as well.  Geezerhood is officially here.  Time for a beer or four.


  1. MissBirdlegs in AL23 March, 2010 17:31

    So... is it your birthday? If so, happy, happy. Today is Unkawill's b-day, but he's far from geezerhood. He's the age of my baby boy.

    If I just had a magic "empty all the boxes, put all the stuff away" thingy, my geezerhood wouldn't be nearly so tiring & frustrating. ;-)

  2. Geezerhood? Is that what you call your birthday? Sheesh... have a great one!! Bonne fĂȘte Monsieur Buck, bonne anniversaire!

  3. Happeldy Birthingday! I vote for four!

    There is a spot in northest Louisiana that I refer to as "Skunk Alley." You'd think they'd learn not to cross the highway there after awhile!

    At least you weren't the one who rendered them road kill -- that acan be a permanently malodorous event!


    (I LOVE that song and the memories it brings to tyhe surface!)

  4. Happy birthday, you old coot. And quit taking up all of the space-A seats, willya?

  5. Happy Geezer-hood. Skunks are a sure sign of spring.

  6. Aiiieee. My apologies; I was less than clear in this post. Today isn't my actual birthday, it's just the day wherein I jumped through the bureaucratic hoops required on passing a certain milestone. USAF (all the services, actually) requires you to get your ID card reissued in the month you turn 65; it has to do with ensuring/verifying you go on Medicare and re-authorizing civilian and military health care... and that's what I did today. My actual birthday is still a couple o' few days off.

    But thank you all!

  7. Geezers are simply cool Londoners and proper gents where I come from.

  8. 9 years, 4 months and 18 days to when I hit the point of geezerhood. Even though where I work, I do have the "old timer" tag, already.
    That promise is now officially broken with you.

  9. I did not know that a new ID card was issued at 65. Looking on the back of my card, just now. It says "INDEF" on the front but 29 Nov 26 as expiration on back.

    Now I understand.

    Why is it I am always disappointed by my government?

  10. Alison: Once again... two peoples separated by a common language. ;-)

    Glenn sez: Even though where I work, I do have the "old timer" tag, already.

    I was literally THE oldest guy in my company at the last place I worked. It was weird working with a bunch of 20- and 30-something high-zoot software types and entrepreneurs. Sometimes I got the feelin' I was the token Old Man, as I was usually trotted out for display when the subject of experience came up with prospective clients. Weird. But it paid well. ;-)

    Darryl: I'm glad I could be of assistance, LOL!

  11. Well my friend, geezerhood is not that bad. You get senior discounts and you don't have to ask. Young ladies call you honey. Old ladies grab your ass, and your wife tells you to take your old farts outside before you kill the dog. The only thing you have to worry about is waking up and seeing grass roots. Happy Birthday my friend.

  12. Thanks, Dan. I can't wait for the old lady grab-ass bits. ;-)


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