Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The end of last night's game in Detroit...

I liked Emrick's comment about Detroit being a city that likes fighting goalies.  True, dat.


Just a slight exaggeration... from the AFA's Daily Report:
Russia Not in Tanker Game: Despite a slew of news reports to the contrary over the weekend (ed: including us!) quoting a US lawyer ostensibly representing Russia's United Aircraft Company and an unidentified US contractor, there will be no Russian entrant in USAF's KC-X tanker replacement program. RIA Novosti news service reported Monday that UAC issued a statement, saying the claims are "false." Further, Alexey Fedorov, UAC president, said in the statement, "The UAC does not plan either to take part in this tender or set up a joint venture."
Further in the exaggeration category... there was some BS going around the 'net that military folks (read that as people covered by TriCare) were gonna have to buy supplemental insurance to meet the gub'mint's shiny new health care mandate.  Not true:
Tricare Is Exempt: Along with the health care reform legislation the House approved over the weekend, lawmakers voted 403 to zero on legislation (HR 4887) introduced by Rep. Ike Skelton (D-Mo.) to amend the Internal Revenue Code to term the Defense Department's Tricare military health program "minimal essential coverage." Skelton noted in floor remarks Saturday that the reform legislation currently under review would not call for Tricare beneficiaries to purchase additional coverage. He emphasized that his bill would simply "reassure" Tricare beneficiaries "they will not be negatively affected." Defense Secretary Bob Gates issued a statement Monday, confirming that the Skelton bill "clarified" the matter, saying, "The President and I are committed to seeing that our troops, retirees, and their families will continue to receive the best quality health care."
Ummm... Mr. Gates?  May I have a word with you about that RETIREE health care statement?  Sir?  Sir?


  1. Buck, thanks for posting the error about the Russian tankers. It's good to get that out of my gourd.

  2. Um, yeah, retirees. Maybe we can get an Executive Order on that.

  3. They exempted themselves too those snakes in the grass!! And they left the Indian Health Service in place as well. I guess they had nothing to trade or bribe with for better care.

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  4. I'm way behind on my comments. I had to watch the fight scene over and over - Toby made fun of me, but I wanted to see what the ruckus was about.

  5. Andy: The Rooshian tanker thing sounded odd to me at the time, but ya never know, these days.

    Moogie: Yeah. Right. Sure. ;-)

    Jimmy: re: The Indian Health Service. So much for the Dems "caring," right?

    Lou: Toby LAUGHED at you for watching the vid? The NERVE! ;-)


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