Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More From Rep. Thad McCotter

This time it's his appearance on last night's (Monday) Red Eye, where he comments on Obamacare and other things.  It's seven and a half minutes of conservative political goodness and wry one-liners.

Everyone goes on a lot about Rep. Paul Ryan... and they're justified in doing so because Mr. Ryan is both smart and articulate... so I feel it's my duty to give the equally smart and articulate Mr. McCotter some air time.  Besides that, McCotter is a LOT funnier; that might be coz he has better straight men.


  1. Ha! Chinks like McCotter, I see. Buck, McCotter is sharp. I hear him occasionally on Dennis Miller's radio show, and he can match wits with Miller (no small feat).

    I've just got one axe to grind with him, but I know he had to support the GM bailout. He, Ryan, Pence, Flake, and others are where the party needs to move.

    I'm positive that the starting lineup is in The House.

  2. Man, it is so NICE to watch a politician that isn't so arrogant that there's not enough air in the room.

  3. Just as long as Glen Beak, drama queen is no where around. lol

    Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog template. See there were a few people having issue, so I changed it back to the old one until I can fix it.

  4. RLM: Yeah, I don't much like Beck. He grates on what few nerves I have left...

    Andy & Staci: I'm glad both y'all approve. Srsly.


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